Situation Report: Mirage Prison

The ancient portal is obviously of Illuminati design, though the technique appears equally old yet beyond my understanding.

Witnesses report it was our own Jun D’Cente who discovered the combination required to gain entry to the splintered dimension of the Mirage Prison. The name of which I uncovered later with ease. Disorganised chaos reigned with the prisoners left to their own devices, the guards dribbling idiots and the Overseer, Zortura Iborchi, who supposedly is in charge, was equally incomprehensible. Only two were willing to speak with anyone; Miilaso and Shibesa, who seem to be at odds with the Prison’s “true intent”.

Shibesa convinced one of our enemies in Hallifax, Anita Zayah, to restore order to the Mirage Prison. The chaos is the fault of Miilaso, if Shibesa is to be believed, as the one who would free the prisoners and bring this chaos instead.

While eavesdropping upon a conversation amongst Eliron Shee-Slaugh, Xenthos An’Ryshe and Miilaso I learned that this Prison, this splintered pocket of reality, has been in service to the Illuminated Mysteries since before the time wars. Further, that the entirety of the Prison has been unaware of the passing of time since. A peculiar curiosity as Qetuo Liik, creator of the psionic fleshfae, was and still is a registered prisoner here. The time of their return cannot be simple coincidence.

Eventually, Marquessas Isabeau Calithel and Alaksanteri Elithysius were found to provide more information and news to Miilaso, while our enemies hastened to undo his work by restoring order and aiding Shibesa in shackling Qetuo once again. The Bulwark recounted tales we already now know, but maintains his duty and loyalty are to the freedom of the prisoners from the Overseer’s tyranny. More investigation is required to evaluate the validity and sincerity of the claims, let alone verify the accuracy of past oversight.

My investigation ended as order was restored by Sondayga Zayah of the Serenwilde, aiding and abetting the retrieval and renewed imprisonment of Qetuo Liik. The Overseer’s appreciation was made manifest in a curious relic, a Mirror of Trueseeing. I shall remit a request for additional resources to acquire and study one of these mirrors, should deeper inquiry be found necessary as to its intent and purposes.

Though order was restored, I conclude my report with a warning to not underestimate Miilaso’s resolve. While tyranny reigns, Miilaso will continue to seek opportunities to free the prisoners despite every effort by Shibesa to thwart him and restore order. I advise caution as we proceed to renew relations and oversight of the Mirage Prison for the foreseeable future.

As an addendum, upon researching the secret documents found in the Mirage Prison, the history of which is worthy of further investigation, it appears there is yet another escaped prisoner who is much more dangerous than anything we may have imagined. The dates on the documents lead me only to extremely troubling speculations.

Ushotaba Thech
Illuminati Adept of the Seventh Circle
Research Division