Advent of the Solstice Court

‘Twas the season of Solstice drawing us near, once again feeling the thrill and warmth in the hearts of the young and old to celebrate the inherent festive merriment and generosity found within. We were pulled strongly towards the bright lights of the holiday that shone brilliantly to our eyes. Our arrival was heralded by the icy chill we brought, its wintry breeze bringing with it a specialty of our own…

Perfect with its many glistening facets, each cut distinctly like a masterfully sheared fabric by an expert tailor’s hand, our magically blessed snowflakes were set drift. Swirling and dancing on the winds, they teased and tantalised, bringing even cooler weather to the roads they travelled.

The first to greet me before our glacial palace was a single-eyed krokani maiden with the accoutrements of a darkened crow. Despite her fierce appearance, I was pleased to witness her vows of peace and pen her name as the first official guest of the Solstice Court: Moi. Bavdo reported being quite taken with this statuesque visitor who took to the ice with the carefree ease of the wing and the vigour of the young at heart.

Soon after, a clever, well-dressed young gentleman arrived to join Moi in swearing the vows. I confirmed the pledge of this one as Hesper then sent him along with advice to visit our Groundskeeper as well. It was not long before the laughter and joy of the season echoed through the Solstice Court as they discovered the extent of our hospitality.

I dare say the whole manor was a thunderous sound of mirth and revelry as many more visitors arrived to fill my pledge book. It was enough to warm even my long-dead soul to see such happiness again.

Your celebration was quite the rousing success, Master Joyheart. There can never be enough rejoicing and appreciation in the world.

Ever faithful and at your service through this life and the next,