Lusternia’s Seventeenth Anniversary Events

A woman steps out of a fiery portal

Lusternia turns seventeen years old in 2021! And, as always, we’re holding a series of games, contests and more to celebrate this momentous milestone, with the in-character celebration of the Festival of the Creatrix. All contests bar the Great Hunt and Battlechess award 300 credits for 1st place, 150 credits for 2nd place and 50…

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Grub for the Sous Chef

A kitchen table with a spicy stew upon it.

It was a bright Avechary morning when Mwami Honeypunch stepped out onto the Alabaster Road, her mind set on one thing: Food. Making her way to the Aetherplex, she was perplexed by the absolute flood of foods available. A platter of poutine? A bowl of creamy lobster soup, perhaps? All of these things caught her…

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September 2021 Artbard Results

Artisanal entry by Gurashi titled The First Letter, showing tae'dae Aschwar writing with their claws

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from September! If you’d like to join them for October, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Jolanthe’s The Fang of Crazen Runner-Up Sapphira’s The Smitten…

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Celestine Rework Testing

The Celestine rework is loaded and ready for testing on my test server. If you would like to participate, please message me and I’ll give you the information. Please refer to the changelogs on the test server for more information regarding testing and how to handle bugs/concerns/comments etc. Thank you for assisting in this testing…

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October Artifact Sale

Cart filled with pumpkins

In October, you can buy artifacts directly from the website at a steep discount in the so-called Artifact Cart. In addition, all throughout October, you can enjoy Tzaraziko’s Unexpected Thursdays which will increase your chances of scoring critical hits!

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Calling Mortal Builders!

A marble hallway with intricate columns

We are the Camenae, the Administrators of Building, and we are again looking for any Lusternians who enjoy creative writing, especially descriptive writing, and who would like to help Lusternia by apply to be a mortal builder. Currently, we are opening a formal applicant call in order to fill our pool of active builders. If…

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Ascension of Malayn

The Peak of Mount Avechna at sunrise

The first to hold the staff was Kalas Ruiku, picking it up swift as the wind from the Astrosphere of Pisces. He brought it to Kalas Malarious of Magnagora who had the support of the combined powers of Gaudiguch, Magnagora, and Serenwilde. Knowing well that the Almighty’s power has manifested upon Capricorn, Malarious rushed there…

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Final Ascension – Changes

If you recall from the livestream we did in February, we mentioned that for this year’s Ascension we decided to keep the current format – a final fight for the staff – and tackle Ascension-related problems in three ways. The first prong was to tackle lag issues, the second to update, document, and balance individual…

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Year 600 Celebration

A library with many tall bookcases

It’s year 600! A nice round number like that does not happen often so we’d like to do a little celebration. The world is not ending and does not need your help this time around though. To the contrary, nobody needs you to gather, influence, or slay 10 of anything to stave off doom. We…

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Challenge of Beauty

A clearing at night with lanterns on the ground

The theme “Wake” brought to mind all manner of imagery for the designers of the Basin, who brought their creativity and ingenuity to the Trial of Beauty. Some focused upon the events of Li-varili and the awakened Sea Spirit, while others focused on the events of years gone by, while still others took the theme…

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Challenge of Harmony

A peaceful zen garden with bamboo and stones in a pile.

Juliary saw the adventurers of Lusternia fan out over the Prime Material Plane, called to the Challenge of Harmony to influence the hearts and minds of the denizens across the land. Lysandus of Magnagora was the first to convince many to support his cause, but quickly, Ilthilior from his same city overtook him, maintaining the…

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Challenge of Life

An elfen woman sits upon a tree branch.

In the middle of Klangiary did Avechna’s mighty voice shake the firmament, marking the beginning of the Seal of Life. Denizens throughout the Basin of Life found themselves succumbing to a mysterious plague as the Domotheos of Life warbled, and only the intervention of adventurers might see it stable again. Though the plague seemed resistant…

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Challenge of War

An army marches forward in black and white, the front few soldiers clear in their platemail, the rearguard naught but silhouettes.

The Trial of War met the early days of Dioni, finding only four teams willing to brave the Avenger’s promised tourney. Though much more traditional than the last occurrence of the Ascension Trials, the bouts proved no less intimidating, skilful, or entertaining for the fact. The Hallifaxian team (consisting of Calioliahali, Fillirriqili, and Qillilitli) and…

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Challenge of Justice

An empty space with white columns

Thirteen challengers gathered in the Cave of Justice to declare their desire to participate in the Challenge of Justice. The debates that ensued were well-researched and passionate, and rarely short. Shango D’Cente rose in the rankings quickly, winning the debate with almost every opponent he faced. His only loss was to Kalas Ruiku but he…

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August 2021 Artbard Results

Artisanal entry by Esei titled Stare, showing Esei staring

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from August! If you’d like to join them for September, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Xiran’s A Listener’s Initiation Runner-Up Coraline’s Avechary…

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Klangratch Exercises

A battlefield with sword-wielding warriors

As Avechna has announced the Klangratch Exercises (Public Post #1909), we’d like to give you a bit more info on this event. Driven in part by reports that there were lag spikes during Chaos, but also a general desire to do some extra testing before the Final Ascension, we would like to field test a…

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September Wheel Spins

Spinning Wheel of Light in a canvon

For the month of September, we have Iron Coins available to purchase from the website! You can spin these coins at the Wheel of Tzaraziko found at the Cave of Chaos. Additionally, everyone will get one free spin per day by using SPIN WHEEL FREE! Check out HELP IRON COINS for more information. IMPORTANT NOTE:…

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A Lost Friend

Cavern with a lake

A psionic bleed of emotions overflowed into the minds of users of telepathy and those of the kepheran race: glimpses of a worker going about her chores, tinged with an overwhelming feeling of loss and fear. The visions culminated in the location of Sahma, a young kephera from the Neferti Fungus Gardens, whose tears flowed…

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Challenge of Chaos

The month of Urlachmar was chaotic indeed, as the Avenger rose into thefirmament to issue the Trial of Chaos to all mortals. The challenge,known to many, is a hamster hunt; but rather than simply collecting thefurry rodents that proliferate across the known world, the truer trialis to keep one’s grip tight around the Purple Hamster…

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Challenge of Nature

The September 2019 Artisanal winner, by Esei

In Estar, the Avenger awoke to call all of Lusternia to the Challenge of Nature, the third trial for the ultimate prize of Ascension. Mortals from across the cities and communes ascended the mountain known as Avechna’s Peak to see if they knew the lands best, hoping to take the title of Sealbearer of Nature.…

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