Artifact Cart Returns

Ahead of and as part of a Cyber Monday promotion, the Artifact Cart returns to the website. Until the end of the month, you can buy artifacts directly from the website at a steep discount in the aforementioned Artifact Cart (30% off). The discount is even higher if you have an Iron Elite Membership of any kind (40% off). This is calculated in the panel on the right, showing you the original price, then the discounts, and finally the total. If you have a membership, be sure to be logged into the website to take advantage.

A number of limited-availability artifacts – normally available through auctions or special promotions – can also be found in the Special category. These include the Rune of the Eternal Sigil, Master Bubblix, Atroposian Scissors, Rune of Superior Mettle, and so on. A number of newer curio packages and artifacts can be found there as well.

More news on Cyber Monday to come!