Solstice Vouchers

Solstice Vouchers have now become available for those who have logged in for 21 days in December (see LOGINDAYS for your count). If you have received one, you can now exchange it for access to a shop located at the pilgrim gossip spot at the foot of Mount Avechna (landmark PILGRIMCAMP), where an elderly gnome pilgrim awaits you.

Give the voucher to the gnome and that will make the shop available to you for a symbolic 1 gold coin cost for the item on sale. Remember you can only purchase one thing from the store and only if you don’t already have it. Among the offerings is the merry stocking which replenishes with goodies every in-game year. There are also a plethora of very old rewards that used to be event-locked. If you talk to the gnome, he has a short explanation of everything he has on offer.

You can also buy coal and peppermint from the store, but if you already have it that is not an option due to shop limitations. If you would like to exchange your voucher for coal and peppermint anyway (physical or after you have given it to the gnome), please ISSUE ME with the request instead and we’ll handle it manually.

If you happen to have everything on offer in the store or simply nothing speaks to you, hold off a bit as we’re open to suggestions for further additions. The store will be there until January 7th so there’s time!