Seasonal Cards for Season d’Amour

Throughout the month of February, you’ll be able to purchase special seasonal cards with plenty of boons straight from the website. You can consume the cards for your own benefit, or send them to others as fancy gifts. Consuming them will reward you with a bronze heartbox, while sending will award the bronze heartbox to the recipient. Every 10th card you send or consume will reward you a silver heartbox, and every 25th card you consume or send, will reward you a golden heartbox. Meaning that if you were to consume 25 cards yourself, you will receive a total of 25 bronze heartboxes, 2 silver heartboxes, and 1 golden heartbox. Your recipient, if any, will only ever receive bronze heartboxes.

In summary:

  • if you consume the card, you receive a bronze heartbox
  • if you send the card, the recipient receives a bronze heartbox
  • you receive a silver heartbox for every 10 cards sent/consumed
  • you receive a gold heartbox for every 25 cards sent/consumed


  • see CARD for syntax
  • can be written on with up to 120 characters
  • can be customised, PROBE for details
  • can be sent to others (anonymously if you prefer!)
  • can be ‘consumed’ for their benefits rather than sent

Heartbox Prizes:

  • Bronze Heartbox – 20-40 bound credits, or an artifact worth 30-50 credits, or 2 presents, or 25 macaron curio pieces.
  • Silver Heartbox – 150-175 bound credits, or an artifact worth 250-300 credits, or 10 presents.
  • Golden Heartbox – 800-950 bound credits, or an artifact worth 1000-1250 credits, or 50 presents.

If you remember heartboxes from previous years, the change this year is that wonder crystals have been removed from the pool of prizes and macaron curio pieces have been added to the bronze heartbox. There’s an equal chance for all prizes in the bronze heartbox, and in the silver and gold heartboxes, the likelihood of credits is at 50%, and the rest is split between the other two prizes.

You’ll also have a chance to earn cards in-game during Season d’Amour! Dolly d’Amour, residing in a cottage by Delport, has commenced Season d’Amour which has brought countless lovebirds to the highway and mountain roads. Help these daydreaming souls find what they are looking for! Every lovebird will desire something else so pay attention to their requests. You can complete the quest only once a weave and will receive a seasonal card after you complete the quest 5 times. That means you can gain up to 5 seasonal cards this month. For completing the quest you will also receive a Red Heart curio piece every time. You can easily find the cottage with the temporary landmark – DOLLYCOTTAGE.

Valentine-themed artifact skins are back in artifact shop and will be available during February of this year only. See: ASHOP LIST KEYWORD VALENTINES. If you are interested in picking up something red, rosy, and glamorous, or dark and suggestive of a broken or cold heart, now’s your chance! More skins will be coming mid-month.

Winter Curios will remain available on the website all through the winter so you can pick up a package until the end of March.

Last but not least, every Monday throughout February will be Klangratch’s Mighty Monday with a bonus to damage against denizens, and Tzaraziko’s Unexpected Thursdays will boost your chances of scoring criticals on Thursdays.