City and Commune Solstice Quests

Each city and commune has a small quest that will award a special Solstice gift upon completion. These quests can be done by anyone from newbie to demigod. Note that you can only gain your own commune or city’s gift! This year’s reward is an ornament that smells just like your organisation! Find the denizen in question and greet them for more details.

In New Celest, Eraol Flenn seeks stars in a jar.
In Magnagora, Jinlu Ilithya seeks rats in hats.
In Serenwilde, Caedir Aormeah seeks does in the snow.
In Glomdoring, Dominique Nightshade seeks beasts of the feast.
In Hallifax, Ki’kia zi’Prouep seeks beryls in peril.
In Gaudiguch, Mosachi Xeeth seeks lizards with gizzards.

Additionally, each city and commune’s dedicated store selling the rewards of previous Solstice adventures is once more open. Anyone who has missed out on getting them in the past will be able to make up for it each Solstice season. Be sure to read the display in the shop describing what each item does. The shops can be found:

In New Celest, by the lobby of the Syrinx Plaza Hotel.
In Magnagora, within the construction site south off Sombre Lane.
In Serenwilde, southwards from the Ellindel Memorial.
In Glomdoring, a hollow by the Stables of the Wyrden Thorn.
In Hallifax, up the stairs from the Ministry of Commerce and Exchange.
In Gaudiguch, within one of the rooms of the Dapper Dashro Lounge.