2023 Solstice Artifacts

We’re happy to announce the release of new peppermint and coal artifacts. Be sure to check out HELP SOLTICE ARTIFACTS for the overview and the list of additional helpfiles per set. The powers are as follows.

Peppermint Stein

  • Level 1 (a simple peppermint stein):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE SLOSH – Three times a month, you may cheerfully slosh another with your stein, eliminating any scent they carry, including a bad one, and replacing it with a random perfume.
  • Level 2 (a ruggedly carved peppermint stein):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE DRENCH – Once per day, you may throw the contents of your stein into the air, freezing the ground of adjacent rooms. If present, it instead puts out a fire or removes vines in the given room.
  • Level 3 (a rune-inscribed peppermint stein of solstice cheer):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE ROBORANT – Once per month, imbibe for a 4/4 buff to balance and equilibrium recovery for 10 minutes. Cost: 5 power.
  • Level 4 (a frosted peppermint stein brimming with solstice cheer):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE TOAST – Once per month, you may link yourself to a target of your choice for 15 seconds. 20% of the time, any damage or afflictions they receive will be applied to you instead.
  • Level 5 (a magnanimous peppermint stein brimming with solstice cheer):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE DRAUGHT – Once per minute, take a hearty sip from the deepest depths of your stein, blocking a single incoming affliction.

Coal Handwarmer

  • Level 1 (a handwarmer covered in coal black wool):
    COAL ACTIVATE LINT – Attract additional hordes of vermin to your location.
  • Level 2 (a fancy handwarmer covered in coal black wool):
    COAL ACTIVATE CAMPFIRE – Build and light a soothing campfire in your room. Cost: 3 wood. No wood cost for those with the Hunting Campire skill.
  • Level 3 (a coal-flecked handwarmer covered in black wool):
    COAL ACTIVATE CLAP – Once per day, clap the dust from your hands to remove the soot, blinding all enemies in the room.
  • Level 4 (a sumptuous handwarmer dusted with coal):
    COAL ACTIVATE TRAIL SCATTER – Lay a dusting of soot in a room which silently clings to those who walk through. This dusting may be cleansed, and may be swept away.
    COAL ACTIVATE TRAIL SENSE – Sense anybody who walked through your trail recently.
  • Level 5 (a magnificent handwarmer dusted with shimmering coal):
    COAL ACTIVATE SWEAT – Once per month, cure yourself of all afflictions. Cost: 5 power.