In the Verses of Magnora was its transformation foretold, but first Magnagora worshiped the Five Truths of Shallamar and paid obeisance to the Fates. It was only once Their treachery was revealed and the transformation complete, that the city was able to see the entire picture clearly: they had been mere instruments of the Fates, destined to be woven into the Tapestry with no regard for their own will. No more. The Heralds have risen from the ranks of Magnagorans to cast the shackles of the wicked Sisters of Fate aside and forge their own path - devise their own Dark Fates. Guided by the spiritual teachings of the Demon Lords, tempered by the wisdom of the ancient Earth Lords, and empowered by the Dark Scream, the Heralds seek to transform into ideal Magnagorans - enlightened, empowered, unchained.