Throughout Lusternia's help files, you will often see commands written in all capital letters as examples. When using these commands yourself you do not need to use capital letters.

Sometimes, you will also see things in < >, usually as part of a command syntax. This means that you should ignore the < > and insert an appropriate word or phrase there. Other times you will see things in [ ], also as part of a command syntax. Those parts of the syntax are optional and may be omitted. Often, these optional parts of the syntax will modify alter how the command functions. Finally you will occasionally see | signs in a command. This indicates a choice between two options. For example, STRIKE <target> [LEFT|RIGHT] requires both a target and a choice between using your left hand or your right hand.

Example 1: To talk on the Newbie channel you can use NEWBIE <your message here>, so all you would need to type is NEWBIE Hello everyone!

Example 2: PROBE <item> means that to PROBE a cup you just type PROBE CUP.

Example 3: STRIKE BOB LEFT will strike bob with your left hand's weapon - assuming you have the proper skill, of course.

When targeting items and creatures, you may wish to target them by the item ID number shown on INFO HERE (for items in the room) or INVENTORY (for items in your inventory). You might also want to target items using positional modifiers, such as 2.ITEM or LAST.ITEM for the second and last items in the room respectively. Finally, you can usually specify HERE at the end of a command to indicate that you want to only target things in the same room as you, rather than in adjacent rooms or your inventory.

Example 4: GET 12345 will specifically take the item with the item ID 12345, ignoring all other items.

Example 5: PUSH 2.BUTTON will push the second button in the room, ignoring all other buttons.

Example 6: PROBE <item> [HERE] means that to PROBE a cup you just type PROBE CUP or PROBE CUP HERE. The second version will specifically look for a cup in the room rather than your inventory.