Spamming, in the context of Lusternia, could be one of two things.
It includes flooding as well, which is the use of exceedingly long
texts, whether repeated or not.

1) repeatedly sending any unwanted text. This can be multiple repeated
yells, shouts, or says, or use of market, clan, city, order, guild, or
any other channels.

2) sending any message that is OOC and unsolicited or may reasonably be
understood as advertising. (see HELP ADVERTISING)

Spam directed at any person for the purpose of harrassment is strictly
prohibited and can have severe consequences, including permanent loss,
banning, and notification of relevant authorities.

There is no justification for spam or flooding, ever. The failure of
someone to respond to you is never grounds for spamming.

Note: If this includes "spam" such as many scries when you have aethersight on,
or aggressive actions when you're graced, then please do not issue for these.
YOU have the option to turn the "spam" on, or off, and we expect you to take
responsibility for your decisions.