The Kiakodan Nature Reserve is a series of enchanted caverns dug deep within Avechna's Peak. According to legend, the Reserve was founded by the Vernal Goddess Kiakoda, with the aim to gather and nurture the rarer fauna and flora of the Basin of Life. At the time of the Fall of the Old Celestine Empire, when the clouds of Taint began to spew from Magnagora, the Reserve's Keepers sealed it off, concealing its only entrance within an undistinguished cave upon the Path of Nature on Avechna's Peak. However, these are happier times, and, hampered by their dwindling numbers, the Reserve's Druids have chosen once again to open their doors to those who might help them in their unceasing ecological duties.

The Kiakoda Nature Reserve is ably supported by a set of nurseries run by Daoli Jones. These nurseries are an excellent place for novices who need a helping hand to learn how to interact with the world. See the information on QUEST KIAKODABABIES for more details!