Forum Migration

Several packed boxes with labels named after forum categories

We will be moving our forums sometime this month from Vanilla hosting to self-hosting. We are migrating the data so have no fear, all your logs and posts will still be there! The reason for the move is simple: forum usage has dropped significantly and Vanilla’s hosting is fairly expensive. That said, even in the…

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A large yellow sunflower against a rich blue sky

In Roarkian, 612 CE, pilgrims at their resting camp on the side of Avechna’s Peak gathered together to start a garden, wishing to beautify their camping site. Together, they had felt a need to alleviate the horrors and traumas of the past decades, where innumerable pilgrims and other travellers perished to the violence of recent…

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March Learning Extravaganza

An old book lies splayed on a table, a pair of glasses resting on it.

The month of March is once again the month of change, learning, and new experiences! For those of you just getting into Lusternia, or those of you ready to try something new, you can purchase lessons at discounted rates right off the website. Have too many lessons already? Convert them to curios! Also, you can…

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January 2022 Artbard Results

Artisanal submission "Aspects of the Silver Lady" by Lilalue depicting the three aspects of Lisaera

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from January! If you’d like to join them for February, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Illyria’s Shadows in the Fold Runner-Up Lendren’s Unnumbered Merit…

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The Shards of Li-varili

A shooting star against the night sky.

In the glow after the splintering of the Goddess Li-varili, many groups of Her shards, called the livari, rested lost and confused in the Basin of Life. They had fallen out of the Divine Havens to break free of Li-varili’s prison. And yet, in doing so, they had also exiled themselves forever from the Divine…

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The Judgment of Li-varili

Crisp dunes of white sand and nothingness above

Whether by design or coincidence, Li-varili’s observation crystal opened Herself to the mortals gathered, and they to Her in kind. By huddling close as though before Her altar, mortals could whisper to Her their private thoughts and feelings, just as Hers roiled within for them to feel in kind. Some swore that Her coven stood…

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Testimonies Given, Judgments Prepared

A conch lies within the woods.

The conch shell upon Avechna’s Peak echoed for many months with the words that mortals spoke in testimony. One by one they came, recounting memories, stories, hopes and regrets. Some cursed the name of the Goddess Li-varili, relaying the losses they and Lusternia at large had so suffered in past years: the storms and rage…

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The Conch Shell and the Gods’ Decree

An ancient oak tree, its branches almost stretching to the ground

In the middle of Dvarsh, the heavens opened without warning to the voices of the Gods. The time had come, They announced, to determine the Elder Goddess Li-varili’s fate once and for all. Remembering well Her time when She first walked the Basin of Life masked, hidden from Their perceptions, They recognized that the mortals…

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Seasonal Cards for Season d’Amour

Hands forming a heart in front of a sunset

Throughout the month of February, you’ll be able to purchase special seasonal cards straight from the website. If you recall how this worked last year, get ready for some changes that simplify the process. Cards:o see CARD for syntaxo can be written on with up to 120 characterso can be customised, PROBE for detailso can…

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December 2021 Artbard Results

Artisanal submission "Mother on a Narrow Branch" by Xiran

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from December! If you’d like to join them for January, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Trakis’ A is for Aquamancer Runner-Up Eritheyl’s Rainmaker Artisanal…

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Year in Review 2021

An overturned book, propped like a tent, light emitting from within.

As is customary at the start of a new year, let us ruminate upon Lusternia’s 2021. There are two groups of people that 2021 would not have happened without – the godmin and the players. Certainly, that can be said of any year in Lusternia but it bears highlighting as the most critical element of…

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Bob’s Forgotten Vaults

Trader Bob has once again unveiled to the Basin the forgotten vaults of treasures that he has unearthed over the years! The lost treasures contained within are now available for the bearers of his golden keys, available for purchase on the website! Contents of the vault include, but are not limited to, wondercrystals, caches of…

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Solstice Activities

A mug of hot cocoa with whipped cream in a festive atmosphere

With Solstice in full swing, here’s a full rundown of what is happening! Ironbeard From this post onwards, those logged into Lusternia may find themselves receiving a visit from Ironbeard, bearing a present for the lucky recipient. Gnomes Keep an eye out for Jolly Bundy sending his fellow gnomes out with a few more presents.…

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November 2021 Artbard Results

Artisanal submission "Spooky Snowy Stories" by Gurashi

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from November! If you’d like to join them for December, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Niralahi’s Peril on the Sea Runner-Up Kennian’s The Dagger…

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Solstice Schedule

A calendar page for December

With Lusternia’s Solstice on the horizon, we want to let you know what our schedule will look like ahead of time. All our regular events will be returning this year and there is a lot to keep one festive! 17th-19th – Solstice Quests will open in cities and communes.19th – Solstice Court will open.20th –…

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December’s Season of Giving

A holiday card with Happy Holidays written upon it, surrounded by firs

Tis the Solstice Season! For the month of December, Ironbeard and the Gnodfather are once again competing for Solstice domination! To participate, purchase solstice stockings directly from the website, which can then be hung in manses and commune/city rooms, max of 1 per room. Syntax: HANG FOR [ANONYMOUS]Syntax: STOCKINGS (to help track your stockings) At…

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Cyber Monday Package

A pile of gold coins sits upon a table surrounded by trinkets.

This Cyber Monday we have a new package for you but with the same old rules – one package per character. Throughout Monday, the 29th of November, from weave to weave, you will be able to buy a special package of 20 coins to be used with the Wheel of Tzaraziko for $19.99!

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Four Days of Gratitude

A wodden shelf against a green background, letters on the shelf spell out "Thank You"

While not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving – either at all or does so earlier in the year – we wish those of you who do a happy one. We are grateful for the time all of you spend with us so if you are spending this time with family or friends (or yourself, everyone needs a…

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A Revelation, A Maze, A Ritual: The Return of the Silver Goddess

Mist rising over the woods.

“Nehvi na’reaim yaeklas…” Caught in a flurry of snow, Serenwilde’s festivities drew to an end as a new year and moon both turned. Alongside Nehvi, a carefree elfen lady recently returned to the commune, the shelterfolk gathered to observe Fair Galaphyrae conduct a wintry Sower rite and listen to poetry recited by Spirit-Touched Keyne, drawing…

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Gaudiguch Gossip Special Edition – Corruption and Kouseki in Gaudiguch

The Great Pyramid of Gaudiguch

It was any other day in Gaudiguch when the unexpected happened – the Freedom Council authorised mass destruction within the City of Freedom. Interviewing eyewitnesses, the explosion happened far beneath the city after a riot was started over the city’s shortage of kouseki powder. While kouseki powder is not generally in high demand beyond the…

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