The Binding of the Lady of the Lagoons

Underwater, close to the surface.

The only ingredient that Li-varili still needed for Her Curse was a broken song. She summoned to Her side Her loyal nereids Oinone, Iaira, and Klaia, who had all helped Her Bloodtide Coven perform this ritual, then coldly asked for Her mortals to determine which nereid should be sacrificed to complete the curse. Each nereid…

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Before the Mirror of Distorted Visions

A mirror in an ornate frame against a black background, within the mirror a skull made of smoke lingers.

In the wake of Kibirio’s death, Captain Teyitha Contelli was understandably devastated. She mourned, she raged, she drank. Eventually, her drunken cries rang through the Basin of Life, attracting many concerned people to Triple Junction Inn. They watched with alarm as the taurian pirate downed drink after drink, crying out about Li-varili’s inevitable betrayal —…

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The Curse of the Sunken Heart

A cauldron filled with pale blue smoke sits amidst other accoutrements of witchcraft, shrouded in blue and green light.

Li-varili returned to a world much changed from the one She had left behind. The Enchantress had shared with Her all that had transpired since Her repose in Daeiv ma’Mornhai, culminating in the retrieval of the Sea Spirit and her subsequent return to slumber. Enraged by the betrayal of the Elder Gods in taking Her…

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Challenge of Death

A battlefield with sword-wielding warriors

On 24 Avechary did Avechna’s mighty voice resound through the heavens once more, decreeing that Death should once more fall across the land in an effort to repair the Domothean Seals. On 25 Avechary did He release His vigil over the land to all those who would partake in the slaughter, beginning the Trial of…

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Ascension Times

A picture of a pocketwatch on several old hardback books.

Please keep in mind that the times listed below are in GMT, in accordance with the Lusternia time and date as seen on TIME. While these event times are not perfect for everyone across the globe, we have tried to include as much variety as we could to account for various timezone scenarios. We hope…

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Summertime Skins II

A beach seen from above, clear waters, starfish on the sand

As mentioned in Announce #1350, we are releasing the final round of summertime skins mid-month. Check out ASHOP LIST KEYWORD SUMMERTIME for the expanded list and please remember they will only be available until the end of August (but will return next August). While adding those in, we also made artifact pipes (like 561) skins…

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Escape Amongst Sunblasted Ripples

A distorted image of yellow flowers with a butterfly

It was in Tzarin of Year 596 that strange, delirious visions appeared before the Basin of Life. Ones that warped Creation in sunblasted hues and slowly progressed into a loud blast, releasing mirific golden ripples throughout the Skarch Desert and Mount Zoaka. As adventurers rushed to investigate, they found a wavering tear hovering upon the…

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And So the Heavens Sang the Sea to Sleep

Mist-wreathed lake surrounded trees

The Sea Spirit had been rescued from the illithoids’ lair, and returned to Carakhan’s waiting arms. Like a startled child, the spirit began to calm as the Goddess sang to Her with the soft, rolling music of lapping waves: the melody one that She had once sung with Keltari, thousands of years ago. The storms of the Basin of Life seemed to shift in response to Sister Sea’s drowsiness, the clouds thinning and the rains beginning to shift to drowsy mist.

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The Pursuit of Your Heart’s Desire: The Search for Sister Sea

A compass lies upon a table with maps

While Li-varili was tended by Lantra within Daeiv ma’Mornhai, the other Elders of the Basin of Life busied Themselves with the search of the missing Sea Spirit. Of those who searched, none worked more tirelessly to find Sister Sea than Carakhan, the Sculptor of Waves, whose fondness for the young being seemed to rival that of the slumbering Lady of the Lagoons. For like Li-varili, the Sculptor too had been present for the Sea’s first failed Awakening as Keltari’s mate, and Her own artistry was lovingly made manifest across the Sea’s vast waves of Lusternia.

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In the Eye of the Storm

A dark storm gathers over a body of water

As the Goddess Li-varili slumbered upon the healing mound, the Basin of Life was paying the price of the Sea Spirit’s troubled Awakening. Toronada Tidal Flats remained flooded and the highways encircling the Basin were transporting more water and deep-sea monstrosities than goods or adventurers. The seas roiled with unprecedented storms, making maritime travel impossible,…

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Ascension 2021 Dates

Each year in Lusternia, the Vernal Seals come under threat and must be defended, with a challenge to every Seal collecting those Nine who are worthy to stand in the Final Trial and hold aloft the Staff of Ascension.

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Of Magnolias and Fireweed

Red fireweed on the left, white magnolias on the right

The world watched with anxious uncertainty over the cocoon of light bearing the Lady Li-varili within Daeiv ma’Mornhai, resting upon the healing mound of Lantra, the Empyreal. Taking on the solemn duty that the Hamadhi had borne within the Elder Wars, Lantra tirelessly focused Her energies upon healing the grave wounds that had been inflicted…

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Summertime Artifact Adventure

A wave arcs over itself against a sunset

Throughout all of August, there is a sale on -all- artifacts within the Artifact Shop (ASHOP). Absolutely everything is 20% off for the entire month of August. On top of that, when you purchase credits on the website, you’ll also get Aethergoop!

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After Me, the Flood

Thunderstorm over the sea, orange lightning lighting up its heart

The Eye of Dynara had gained a new owner in Li-varili, the Lady of the Lagoons. And yet the Goddess’s ability to wield the most powerful Divine artifact in all of Creation was thwarted by Her many years of captivity and suffering.

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Curio Packages

A treasure map and coins sit upon a wooden table

All through this month, you are able to buy curio packages from the website – a number of curio packages that were previously only available in limited edition promotions, including race curios (for the sileni and nagasith races) and every kind of trade curio are once again available. And this month, every Wednesday is Shanth’s…

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Double Up

Upon a blackboard, an empty grid for the game tic tac toe has been drawn

Dear Cousin, Something interesting happened in the World Library recently, but I bet you can’t guess what! A gnome trader named Captain Beppa visited the Library with a group of adventurers and offered us a new game, called Double Up, which she had found upon her journeys in aetherspace. The gnome described it as a…

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Promises: Made, Broken, and Discovered

The 9th of Dvarsh 592 CE dawned hot in the hills north of Serenwilde. There it was that Maylea, Bloom of Serenity sought to create a homeland for the kaelye race upon the First World, and all of Serenwilde turned out to support the Goddess in Her endeavour. In addition to the two exuberant kaelye,…

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