Solstice Vouchers

Knit baby blue mittens hold a perfect snowflake in the front.

Solstice Vouchers have now become available for those who have logged in for 21 days in December (see LOGINDAYS for your count). If you have received one, you can now exchange it for access to a shop located at the pilgrim gossip spot at the foot of Mount Avechna (landmark PILGRIMCAMP), where an elderly gnome…

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Solstice Activities!

Hukies in scarves sitting in the snow

With Solstice in full swing, here’s a full rundown of what is happening right now! Ironbeard Ironbeard has started making the rounds, bearing gifts for the lucky recipients. All you have to do is be online as Ironbeard will find you regardless of where you may be – in a tree, in a submarine, or…

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Solstice Schedule

A huge snowman plays with kids

With Lusternia’s Solstice on the horizon, we want to let you know what our schedule will look like ahead of time. All our regular events will be returning this year and there is a lot to keep one festive! Both Solstice Court and Solstice Quests will close after the 7th of January so you should…

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Tis the Season of Giving

For the month of December, Ironbeard and the Gnodfather are once again competing for Solstice domination! To participate, purchase solstice stockings directly from the website, which can then be hung in manses and commune and city rooms, max of 1 per room. Syntax: HANG <stocking> FOR <me|person> [ANONYMOUS]Syntax: STOCKINGS (to help track your stockings) At…

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Cyber Monday Promotion

A pile of gold coins sits upon a table surrounded by trinkets.

Cyber Monday is here! Starting right now, you can buy a special package of 20 coins to be used with the Wheel of Tzaraziko for $19.99! This is a steep discount for such an amount of coins so it can only be purchased once per character. If you have participated in this last year, worry…

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Days of Gratitude

A wodden shelf against a green background, letters on the shelf spell out "Thank You"

While not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving – either at all or does so earlier in the year – we wish those of you who do a happy one. We are grateful for the time all of you spend with us so if you are spending this time with family or friends (Or yourself! Everyone needs a…

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Artifact Cart Returns

Cart filled with pumpkins

Ahead of and as part of a Cyber Monday promotion, the Artifact Cart returns to the website. Until the end of the month, you can buy artifacts directly from the website at a steep discount in the aforementioned Artifact Cart (30% off). The discount is even higher if you have an Iron Elite Membership of…

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September & October 2023 Artbard Results

Artisanal by Freja depicting a cold Snow Valley night.

Congratulations to our Artbard participants from September and October! If you’d like to join them for November, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. SEPTEMBER ==( Bardic Winner )==Eiselle OCTOBER ==( Artisanal Winner )==Freja…

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Fellowship of the Roots

Mossy roots in a forest.

Driven to get to the bottom of the dreams they have been receiving, the Fellowship of the Roots set out to recruit more widely from across the Basin of Life. Whether their dream’s source was benevolent, or not, they desired to comprehend it as they have been at the heart of too many coincidences of…

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A New Acolyte of the Light is Chosen

It was in the early hours of a cool autumn morning just after school had started that the playful laughter of children echoed through the quiet streets of New Celest. The laughter was first heard by Tridemon Regalis, who chased the children around the entirety of the city, from the Dragon’s Grave, through the Memorial…

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November Racing and Chests

An open treasure chest, treasures within

For the month of November, we’re double dipping in the rewards. Credit purchases from the website will come with special chests once more. For every 100 credits purchased, you will receive one chest. To sweeten the pot, you will also receive a chest at the first 25, 50, and 75 credit intervals, resulting in 4…

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The Haunting

a haunted house atop a mountain surrounded by lit jack-o-lanterns

Once again, Atropos, the Eldest of the Fates, has broken her shears! This means that the Haunting is upon us and when anything dies, there is a chance its ghost will not find its way to the Portal of Fate. If you find one of these poor lost souls, you can capture it if you…

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Anniversary Contest Results

A chicken army rallies for the revolution

There is never a better time to rally for the chicken revolution than the Festival of the Creatrix. And so, each of the chicken generals posed a challenge to the inhabitants of the Basin of Life to see how well they could cope under pressure in the hope of finding a few who could join…

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Crow’s Return and a Mysterious Trade

Crow of the Ravenwood artisanal by Ymbryne

On the 13th of Urlachmar, the loud cries and cawing of the Glomdoring Forest’s gathered crows echoed across the land, portending something imminent. Shooting across the Basin at great speed, Brother Crow returned to the Forest from his place at Lady Viravain’s side. The mysterious Elder Goddess had departed the Forest some time ago, and…

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Anniversary Present Exchange

A golden present tied with a golden ribbon.

In celebration of Lusternia’s anniversary week, you will be able to EXCHANGE PRESENTS! This will let you exchange 5 presents to form a glowing present. This glowing present has a 10% chance to be an Ultimate present, a 20% chance to be an Exceptional present or it will be a Superior present. It will -not-…

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The Festival of the Creatrix

An enormous red slipper floats in the sky.

The Festival of the Creatrix has now been declared open! You can find the lovely Agwesha and all of her wares upon the Path of Solitude, where she will remain as long as the Festival is open. You can path track there with a landmark – FESTIVALWARES. Buy decorations, toys, and even the rare doll…

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Lusternia’s Nineteenth Anniversary Events

Sky lanterns rise over Avechna's Peak at dusk

Lusternia has turned nineteen years old! And, as always, we’re holding a series of games, contests and more to celebrate this momentous milestone, with the in-character celebration of the Festival of the Creatrix. All contests bar the Great Hunt and Battlechess award 300 credits for 1st place, 150 credits for 2nd place and 50 credits…

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Hallifaxian Archives: Treason Case of 661 CE

Note to reader: The following is a compilation of entries from the legal notes of High Supreme Justice Lilliana Sunfar on the investigation and ultimate treason conviction over the course of 659 – 661 CE. Due to the historic and largely unprecedented nature of this crime in modern history, the Ministry of Justice, acting in…

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The Mystery of Summer Heat

A storm in the desert.

A storm rumbled over the Skarch Desert, gathering clouds looming ominously over the dunes. The sound of thunder barely disguised the sound of cackling laughter, the first hint that something was amiss. On a cold day, the 3rd of Urlachmar in the year 661 after the Coming of Estarra, Huskii Myeras of Serenwilde was the…

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