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Archive for February 2019

Helllooooo, Dolly d’Amour!

Ah, love is in the air and, once again, Madame Sylvie’s famous mother, the charming Dolly d’Amour, has returned to the Basin of Life to help the wandering lovelorn find love! Greet the lovelorn and then seduce them for love letters. If you get a love letter, bring it to Dolly, and if you give…

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Challenge of Nature

Early morning of the 16th of Juliary, 523 CoE, saw challengers gathered at Avechna’s Peak to take part in the Trial of Nature. Receiving a peculiar bioengineered plant, they have set off to cleanse the Basin of Life from remainders of Lyraan presence to strengthen the Seal of Nature. The first to find a clue…

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Challenge of Harmony

After Chaos, the Seal of Harmony came under contention. Contestants throughout Lusternia rose up with their voices to win hearts and minds of the denizens of the land. Though Jolanthe of Gaudiguch was the first to make her voice heard, Yendor, Enadonella, and Leticia of Glomdoring soon overtook her, followed by Ixion and Vatul of…

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Challenge of Chaos

The crash of the Lyraa Ey Rielys aetherbubble into Lusternia and its subsequent ripping away by Queenie of the Gnafia caused the fabric of reality to fray once more. Again the Nine Seals that held back the Soulless Kethuru were weakened. Thus the Trials to reinforce the Seals begin once more. The first Seal was…

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February 2019 Newsletter

Ascension 2019! Ascension 2019! During the Elder Wars, the Goddess Kaenalye was hidden in a bubble of alternate reality known as Lyraa Ey Rielys, which was out of phase from the rest of reality; thus, hiding her from the Soulless Gods. However, this secure zone also became her prison, as she was trapped there through…

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