Tainted Promises

On an otherwise normal day for the Engine of Transformation, one Sirsia Pois arrived and a deal was struck with the Warlord, Avurekhos Feyranti, and the Chaplain, Marcella n’Lochli to deliver a miraculous feat that would spread the Taint and the Glory of Magnagora further. Despite Sirsia Pois’ own doubts about the true strength of the citizens, their prompt and swift acquisition of the necessary materials to accomplish the goals ahead impressed her despite herself. To solidify the new alliance, she offered herself to the Engine and was welcomed as a citizen. There was a necessary secrecy to the events as the city prepared for the coming demonstration while she did the same with much autonomy on the details.

In two months’ time, everything was ready and as the citizens of Magnagora gathered at the shores of the Inner Sea on the beach of the Balach Swamp, they witnessed an amazing, long-dreamed of sight. The crystalline waters of the sea churned and frothed with Taint, as a rain cloud spread the foul miasma further into the Sea. What was once pure and clean, was wondrously tainted for the glory of the Engine!

After much verification of the results, the Magnagorans were satisfied with the demonstration and doled out accolades upon the working, feeling every promise was fulfilled and more. As Sirsia went back to her own duties, they left for a celebratory hunt on the Astral Plane…

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    […] The City of Magnagora, known the Engine of Transformation, lived up to their reputation when they set their sights on the Inner Sea. With help from a new acquaintance, the Magnagoran Warlord unleashed a startlingly effective strategy that began to spread the Taint throughout the crystalline waters that had escaped the Taint Wars so long ago. Read more! […]