Bad for Business

(as heard from the mouth of Deotathi Miim)

Oh, sure, city of Freedom, where anyone is FREE to muscle in on my market. What’s this Kahn Lucas got that I haven’t anyway? A sob story and magic potion? Hmph. No, tried and true wares is what I got. Countess Dys Mzithrei at least understands that, tried and true enlightened wares, that’s what! Not some gimmick and a sniffles tale.

The Steward, Lady Enadonella, Marquessa Vyell and Kalea were quick to try and help the sniveling dodo bird, with his promises of a good time and vengeance on our most hated enemies. Hmph, I say. Even Mayor Steingrim seemed impressed with the strength of this kid’s ‘sample’! Well, good going kid, you cornered a piece of my business market and I won’t be having it.

He’s got the whole city rioting for more, Drunken Master Kalas Malarious… Merry Minstrel Letarne Ashgleam… especially that Lady Enadonella, she was quick to weaponise it. But hey, I guess I can’t fault that part, weaponising a drug to foil Hallifax? HAH. I admit, that part is darn clever. Maybe I should consider making my powders stronger like that. Hmm, now there’s a thought.

And you know that that blasted kid did? He goes and gets himself attacked! So he steals my business, disappears, and now everyone is worrying. Ah well, maybe Countess Dys Mzithrei will find reasons to skin his hide FOR me. She went and had a good, long talk with that Constance Walker, that’s the word on the street anyway…

HAH! My business is now secure! No more crazy rainbow pills to stop my cornering the market all on my own now. That kid got his brains scrambled he says, can’t remember a lick of anything with the pills. Fantastic, I say!

Oh, and yeah, well of course it is sad he showed back up on our doorstep naked and starving… he’s alright though. I guess he has spirit, can’t fault that, makes for good business to be stubborn as a rock. He got booze, a cloak, some food – what more does a man need?

Except for okorushi powder, hey did you want to buy some? Afraid my prices had to go up a bit. Supply and demand, friend.