The Testimony of Baeroc Spineson

From a testimonial pasted in Stewartsville and then very quickly taken down:

Baeroc was a simple man, a weaver, oh yes, before his glorious transformation: a simple man from the Stewartsville outskirts who did not know the blessing he was given when the glorious greev spores blew past his cottage, when he was seeded with the Wyrd.

Baeroc was a frightened man back then. Oh yes. He wandered into Glomdoring forest for aid, not knowing that he had already been aided. He was caught in the blessed webs of the spiders, and frightened man he was, he screamed for help. Mighty guardians of the forest then came and took Baeroc to the Ravenwood. They soothed his fears, even as the spiders took him; they taught him to revel in the blessing. They watched as he was consumed, cocooned, refashioned, and blessed by the Wyrd. Webbed by the Wyrd. Legs like the Wyrd.

And so Baeroc Spineson was transformed. Afraid of spider webs, he become a web-weaver, tapestry-weaver. He took the cloth, he took the silk, and he wove a tapestry to the glory of the Wyrd, and the Wyrd blessed it, as it blessed him.

Now all of Glomdoring may partake of the blessings. Now Baeroc sits at the centre of the web, weaver, watcher. Happy.

Now Baeroc thanks his benefactors: Mighty Xenthos, Athree, Crek, Rancoura, Veyils, Kalaneya.

Come, those who have ears to hear: The Wyrd will bless you, and you will be blessed.