Love on the Rocks

Wedding bells rang discordantly across the Basin of Life, announcing in a celebratory dirge-like fashion the joining of a viscanti woman to an orclach man. But the supposed marital bliss was short-lived as Hethklyff Ruag took his newly-wedded bride to her new home. Caithryn Ruag’s shrill, dissatisfied shrieking could pierce of the veil of death and awaken corpses worldwide with its high-pitched disdain.

Early on the scene, Spirit Warden Xenthos An’Ryshe arrived to find Hethklyff pacing and in a state of frayed nerves. Chaplain of the Damned, Marcella n’Lochli, Marquis Mrak n’Kylbar and Ritualist of Undeath, Rezekir soon followed with the Chaplain taking the lead to assist a fellow orclach impress a seemingly unappreciative wife.

She with Marquis Mrak and Ritual Rezekir lending aid made quick work of his requests, despite Caithryn’s continued shrill denial of contentment with her lot. No gifts seemed to satisfy her; money, luxury, food, or protection.

Hethklyff made a final, desperate decision and concocted a means to achieve death, that he might prove his dedication to his wife’s happiness. Either he would prove himself the strongest husband she could have, or free her from the marriage with dignity. Well, he died.

Finally Caithryn rose to embrace her husband, granting him undeath, and allow him a proper honeymoon in wedded ‘bliss’ until the next time she finds displeasure in his arms, and he must prove himself all over again.