Customisation, as outlined here and in associated help files, deals with additional customisation options that go beyond the realm of the design system. These include the purchase of custom beasts, dwellers, action lines for artifacts, and more. 

- Review customisation rules outlined here.
- Review customisation rules outlined in the relevant help file.
- Spellcheck and grammar check your request.
- Be sure to include all the required information in the e-mail.
- Ensure you have enough bound credits before submitting.
- E-mail support@lusternia.com or use the CUSTOMISE system.
- You will receive a confirmation of your e-mail being received.
- Do not transfer credits, you will be automatically charged on completion.

Failure to include the required information will prolong the time it takes to process your request and place unnecessary strain on the administration, so please ensure that you have provided absolutely everything necessary and followed the procedure.

General Rules

- Customisations should fit the world of Lusternia, its contents, audience, and technology level. For the latter, your organisation's technology is a good guideline of what is possible but bear in mind some things are in limited supply or knowledge of their construction has been lost.
- Customisations should fit your character and their organisation. That is, it must make sense for your character to possess this. For example, a Hallifaxian should not be requesting a cat wreathed in nilfire.
- Customisations should not be used for so-called lore-crafting. That is, not used to introduce new lore to the game or expand on existing lore. For example, you should not describe your crown as the kind the Grand Vizer of Magnagora used to wear, or that your dweller kitten hails from a long line of Estelbar felines. 
- Customisations should also not be used to canonise player stories or backgrounds. For example, a reaction should not say you lived in the Presidio as a child.
- Customisations should not evoke divine-level powers or effects, nor use divine-unique phrasings or materials (exceptions to the latter can be made for high ranked members and with permission of the divine in question).
- You should always be very conscious of the length of your customised lines. If they are too long, they become difficult or impossible for those around you to read.
- The administration reserve the right to deny a customisation submission for any reason.