Introducing Aetherspace Trading!

Every so often you will see an announce on the market channel of a gnome trader arriving on an aetherbubble. These traders are looking to trade specific crafted items for aethergoop crafted items. For example, the cooking trader may trade rockcandy for a platter of food if the food is valuable enough. If you find a gnome trader, TRADE LIST will show all the goods that are available for trade. TRADE <item> VALUE will show you what a specific item you have will the trade for. TRADE <item> FOR <goods> will make the trade. The gnome traders that you may see are as follows:

  • Chef Gioia Shucks will trade aethercandy for crafted food
  • Rubie Royale will trade aetherbuttons for crafted jewelry
  • Raphie DiGagio will trade aetherscarves for crafted clothes

NOTE: The aethertraders will only make one trade and will disappear afterwards so they are available only on a first come, first serve basis.

The valuation of crafted items is determined by how much a crafter has refined the item, which can be done by combining it with another item of the exact same design or with gold. The Refinement Skill is now available in Cooking, Tailoring and Jewelry which also allows the crafter to see the valuation when probing. There is also a Valuation skill in Discernment which allows seeing the valuation when probing any crafted item that is tradeable.

Aethergoods can, of course, be broken down to aethergoop and gold, which is a way to convert commodities (or gold) to aethergoop. Keep in mind aethertrades are limited and therefore will be somewhat competitive.

This is an experimental system, but the aim is to give crafters more incentives and gameplay. As more aethergoop crafts are added for more trade skills, more aethertraders could show up. Also, once timequakes come online, the traders could also trade anomalies for crafted items (so crafters would be a more integral part of the guild research project system).