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Before the Elder Wars, Carakhan was known as a Goddess of the Fourth Circle who spent Her time along the coastlines of the First World, colouring the sands, carving coral reefs, and painting tropical fish as well as other sea creatures. Still it was not these accomplishments that defined Her, but rather the sculpting of the vast oceans of Lusternia, for it was She who formed each wave by Her careful hand. As a crechemate of Amberle and Meridian, She was regarded as a passionate yet contemplative Goddess, Her moods as strikingly tempestuous and sudden to calm as Her waters.

When the Soulless came, Carakhan brandished Her trident with valiant fury, enraged by the loss of Amberle and devoted to protecting the First World She had so laboured upon. Yet upon urging from Agnomenon, She reluctantly agreed to join one of the last groups to depart to the Void - only for their escape to be violently interrupted by the pursuit of Kethuru. Desperate, Carakhan dove into a water sphere in Aetherspace, transforming into a fish to hide and escape notice from the Soulless. It was here in Aquagoria that the Devourer, a lesser Soulless, pursued Carakhan in the form of a vampire squid and chased Her endlessly until the bubble was discovered by mortals in the year 382. As a result of this, Carakhan's star-shape has shifted; Her body ends in the fish tail of the oceanic creatures She once tended.

To the Sea Goddess's horror, She discovered on Her return to the First World that the Traitor Drocilla had feigned Carakhan's appearance in order to subvert the city of New Celest, the Deceiver's disguise perfected by the powers of Carakhan's long lost Pearl. After reclaiming it and banishing the Enchantress from New Celest, Carakhan has sworn enmity against the Taint and all that is corrupted by its touch, taking residence in the city Her brother's progeny built. She expects of Her followers a devout purity of spirit, a depth of passion, and a boundless flow of creativity, as well as a willingness to shape the world around them.

Her symbol is a golden trident, the angelfish, and a pearl caught within a crashing wave.