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Archive for August 2019

Definitely Not Plagued

Choco-late fiddle de dee, Charites have said it never shall be! Choco-late fiddle de dee, I want to put it in my tummy. What do you do when the sky is at dusk and up from the mountain there comes a big thrust of sunlight that spills from an old sunpride root? Over the mountain…

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Great Library Clarifications

The divine scholars have convened together to discuss the workings of the Great Libraries, including the tasks of publishing and critiquing books as well as the nature of the Library Prestige Contests themselves. As a result of deliberations, there have been notable changes to HELP GREATLIBRARIANS and HELP PUBLISHING, and there is a new HELP…

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Craft Design Overhaul

Greetings, Mortals. For some time now, We have been evaluating the strengths and flaws of Our design system. We believe that the Lusternian design system is one of the hallmarks of the game, and one of our greatest features. We also understand that over the decade and longer that it has existed, its rules have…

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August 2019 Newsletter

Vesteran Honours Revealed! Artbard Winners Announced! The winners of the newly restarted artbard contests, also known as the Vesteran Honours, have been announced! In the bardics category, Eliron took first place for the play entitled, “Waking the Nightmare”. In the artisanals, Gurashi won with the scenic painting, “Overlooking Wyrded Lands“. Check out all the winners…

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August 2019 Art-Bard Winners!

Artisanals Winner Runner Up Merit Overlooking Wyrded Lands by Gurashi Tri by Trahey Perplexing Letter by Kyalrhin Aramel and Unicorn by Kethaera Bardics Winner Runner Up Merit Waking the Nightmare by Eliron The Quiet Ones by Ishra The Knights of the Sun and Moon by Portius My Visit to Tosha Monastery: A Compiled Journal by…

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