10.1  Power                      What is it?
      10.1.1 Dross Power         What power can you draw?
      10.1.2 Manifestations      How does one gather more power?                    
10.2  Nexuses of Power           What are they?
      10.2.1 Serenwilde Commune  Nexus Home for the Moonhart Mother Tree.
      10.2.2 City of New Celest  Nexus Home for the Pool of Stars.
      10.2.3 City of Magnagora   Nexus Home for Megalith of Doom.
      10.2.4 Glomdoring Commune  Nexus Home for the Master Ravenwood Tree.
      10.2.5 City of Hallifax    Nexus Home for the Matrix.
      10.2.6 City of Gaudiguch   Nexus Home for the Eternal Flame.
10.3  Politics                   The political system.
      10.3.1   Village Influence Spheres of Control. Campaigns         Crusades and Sanctuaries
      10.3.2   Government        Governing Styles and Politics.
      10.3.3   Village Obelisks  Links to Nexus at villages.
      10.3.4   Cities and Communes
      10.3.5   City Envoy        Position of City Envoy.
10.4  Culture                    The culture system.
10.5  Rulingcouncils             The Ruling Councils.
10.6  Ministries                 General information on Ministries.
      10.6.1 Education           The Ministry of Education.
      10.6.2 Power               The Ministry of Power.
      10.6.3 Treasurer           The Ministry of the Treasury.
      10.6.4 Steward             The Ministry of the Stewardship.
      10.6.5 Trade               The Ministry of Trade.
      10.6.6 Chancellor          The Ministry of the Chancellory.
      10.6.7 Culture             The Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
      10.6.8 Security            The Ministry of Security.
10.7  Leaders                    Leaders of Cities and Communes.
10.8  Commands                   Basic commands.
10.9  Ranks                      Ranks of prestige.
10.10 Security                   How guilds protect you.
10.11 Sewers                     Under the cities of Lusternia.
10.12 Constructs                 Constructs of Power
      10.12.1 Auronidion Particles   What are they?
10.13 Nexus Security Powers      Powers of the Nexus for Security.
      10.13.1 Discretionary      Discretionary powers for Security.
      10.13.2 Guardians          Nexus Guardians