There are many times when you may wish to manipulate items in the world around you. Listed below are some of the most frequently used commands to interact with objects.

If you include the word 'HERE' in the relevant place, you will only attempt to manipulate objects in your physical room, ignoring your inventory.

The physical commands are particularly useful during quests. Note that there is no guarantee that every object will respond to every action, but if it seems like it might, try it and see! Sometimes you will find that if an object doesn't respond to the action, you will use the corresponding emote (e.g. when using SHAKE), which is normal.

PROBE <object> [HERE]
 READ <object> [HERE]

TOUCH <object> [HERE]
SHAKE <object> [HERE]
LIGHT <object> [HERE]
BREAK <object>
DOUSE <object>
KNOCK <object>
EMPTY <object> [ON <object>]

 PUSH <object> [HERE]
 PULL <object> [HERE]
 TURN <object> [HERE]     or    TWIST <object> [HERE]
 RING <object> [HERE]