They're round! They're cute! They're furry! They're hamsters!

The grandest (or at least fuzziest) sport known throughout the land! The idea of this game is to gather as many hamsters which are scattered about the land in the time limit provided. The person with the highest score at the end of the time period is the winner. Hamsters are extremely fast so you have to be fast!

The hamsters and their point values (from common to rare):
   1 point:  short haired      2 points: a long haired
   3 points: small Rex         5 points: orange satin
   8 points: tiny hairless

The rules:

   * TAKE HAMSTER to pick up a hamster
   * EVENT STATUS to see the status of the hunt.
   * EVENT SCORE is the command to see the score.
   * Hamsterhunts may be sharing or nosharing, pkon or pkoff.
   * For sharing hamsters: 
     * A hamster must be in your inventory to count (not in any container).
     * You will drop hamsters if you die.
   * For NO sharing hamsters:
     * When you pick up a hamster, it disappears, and your score increases.

   * Player killing to get hamsters is acceptable ONLY by the choice of the
     immortal running the event.  This will be announced at the start of
     the event. When run with killing permitted, experience loss for
     playerkilling deaths will be disabled for the duration of the event.
   * Hamsters will be in rooms in the Basin of Life. This may include private 
     homes, inside cities, and pretty much anywhere outdoors as well. Hamsters 
     will not appear in the trees or flying.

     NOTE CAREFULLY - if you die during an hamsterhunt event, but the event
     ends before you are immolated/resurrected or pray for salvation, then
     you MAY VERY WELL lose experience for that death. No reimbursements
     will be given for lost experience in such cases.

   * In some games, the Purple Hamster of Chaos is added to the fray.
     Holding the Chaos Hamster will constantly increase your score, but
     be warned, for he's difficult to hold onto!
   * Any insanity gained by holding the Chaos Hamster will disappear at
     the end of this event (if and ONLY if you have joined the event!).
   * The Purple Hamster of Chaos cannot abide other hamsters, and will
     disappear from your hands if he notices you holding one!