Glory to the Glowbats

Curiously, the strange growing sinkers found across the land appear to be affected by some mysterious ailment, causing them to first solidify and then explode into numerous glowbats! As if this wasn’t peculiar enough, the ailment causes the sinkers to become stunted in their growth, leaving them small and devoid of the tangled threads…

Six researchers have made it known that they have an interest in studying these glowbats, one for each city or commune. But for those who wish to conduct fieldwork for them, take note: the manner in which you collect the glowbats for your respective researcher will have an impact upon the research conducted! Delivering dead specimens to your researcher may allow them to disect and otherwise experiment upon the corpses, but delivering living glowbats provides the opportunity to observe and glowbat and its habits. What useful knowledge might be gleaned from each path?

And how might you gather these glowbats, you might ask? If you’re interested in expanding your options beyond punching and kicking the glowbats, talk to a researcher about what WARES they have to aide you. You can find researchers in the following places:

  • In New Celest, Bubbllosh Feilm can be found in the shop ‘Light’s Holdings’.
  • In Magnagora, Vittoria d’Lardick can be found in the laboratories beneath the Zoo.
  • In Serenwilde, Mapee Thistlefur can be found in the laboratories on the top floor of the Woodbine Lyceum.
  • In Glomdoring, Kiyan Darkeye can be found in the altar to the Wyrd.
  • In Hallifax, Belwen Manchova can be found in the laboratory of the Natural Sciences and Higher Energies.
  • In Gaudiguch, Issrah Miim can be found just outside the commodities cache.

There are four methods by which you can catch or kill the glowbats, and they may produce different research results cumulatively based on what most people do in your organisation. You can kill the glowbats with whatever skills you have. With nets, you can CATCH GLOWBATs to provide living specimens! Or, if your schedule does not permit too much time in the field, you can buy TRAPs and CAGEs, which can be DROPped to catch specimens, providing your researcher with another avenue of study. If you go the route of traps or cages, be sure to place them near where you expect glowbats to congregate!

In the month of August, there will be a daily quest to catch at least 20 glowbats. Please note that these can be spread over handing in corpses, catching them with nets, or leaving out cages and traps for them to unwittingly fly into. And doing the daily quest for 21 days out of the month will land you a free present! You may use QUESTEVENT to track your progress towards the prize.

And for those wondering what is going on with with all these sinkers and threads and bats (oh my!), perhaps the researchers will be able to provide some insight at the end of the month. Like all research, though, what answers they have to provide to your organization will depend on which of the four paths the research takes in your organization! To make sure you’re up-to-date on your own commune or city’s progress, ask your researcher for a status report (even via tells from afar!).