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Archive for January 2017

Welcoming the Welkin

For several months, mortals had observed curious formations of clouds within the sky of the Prime Material Plane. But though they engendered curiosity, few made any attempt to investigate the meteorological occurrences – save for Primus Gero and Castellan Yarith of the Institute, who with the help of the Matrix Research Facility managed to discover…

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Conquering the Mountain

As the mysterious melting ice along the northern end of Avechna’s Teeth finally gave way, a cacophony of stampeding orcs echoed through the Basin. Shortly after their victorious conquest settled down, a scream of terror erupted as frightful terrors began to plague their population. First upon the scene, Marquis Falmiis of Hallifax battled his way…

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Bane of the Ice Angels

It was a warm autumn day, full of golden rays of sunlight, when winter made itself known at the fabled Aetherplex Chamber in the form of Kurteba, a winded igasho scholar. The shards of ice bedecking his robe still in the process of melting, he wasted no time looking for what he came for: skilled…

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Return of the Pyresmith

It was a normal day in the city of Gaudiguch. The sun was shining, the party was popping, and whiskey flowed freer than the lava falls. The jovility ground to an abrupt halt when a masked visage invited itself into the minds of the entire populace to issue both a warning and an apology of…

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Salvation of the Orcs

As the lingering warmth of autumn faded away, several citizens of Magnagora began to report sightings of shifty looking orcs on Spectre Island, all sneaking about while carrying large sacs of spectral essence. All attempts to detain one of the thieving braves failed as the orcs always managed to evade capture by the slimmest of…

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Year in Review: 2016

What would Queen Maeve say about 2016? Perhaps she would remark how fantastic it was that she entered the year with the removal of the Brand of Nifilhema that she bore for so long. Or perhaps she would despair over the loss of her beloved consort. If this was how the year began for the…

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