Bane of the Ice Angels

It was a warm autumn day, full of golden rays of sunlight, when winter made itself known at the fabled Aetherplex Chamber in the form of Kurteba, a winded igasho scholar. The shards of ice bedecking his robe still in the process of melting, he wasted no time looking for what he came for: skilled hunters.

Though he insisted he was unable to hunt for the creatures he sought on his own, his appearance suggested otherwise. Lucky for him, Iytha Trueflight and Dahlla D’Cente agreed to assist and off to the Mountains of Icewynd they went. Having instructed Doman Trueflight on where to find him, so did he.

Many stubbed toes and a short encounter with an ice bear later, Kurteba’s little library was overflowing with visitors who flocked to Icewynd to investigate the peculiar disturbance. While several visited the rather large group of Forsaken at the gates of Climanti, Mrak n’Kylbar was the first to find himself in the library itself.

Arriving first from her trip across the ice, Iytha came bearing what she had set out to obtain but it took the combined efforts of Xenthos An’Ryshe, Veyils Ysav’rai, Mrak n’Kylbar, Gero, and Kalas Cyna to assemble all that the scholar was after.

With everything in hand, Kurteba was able to construct a grand spire that he hoped would prevent the Ice Angels from rising again. Upon the suggestion of Gero, those gathered hurriedly fiddled with its individual pieces until it snapped into place and shone brilliantly. With that Kurteba jumped behind Mrak n’Kylbar and they set off to place and activate it. While they were successful, Mrak was unable to enjoy either the spectacle or the spoils, as Icewynd claimed yet another victim.

While not everyone approved of his methods, Kurteba was able to strike a blow at the Ice Angels. After being successful there, he travelled back to his library to continue research on other methods to prevent their resurgence. What will the ancient Forsaken texts reveal next?

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