Conquering the Mountain

As the mysterious melting ice along the northern end of Avechna’s Teeth finally gave way, a cacophony of stampeding orcs echoed through the Basin. Shortly after their victorious conquest settled down, a scream of terror erupted as frightful terrors began to plague their population.

First upon the scene, Marquis Falmiis of Hallifax battled his way through a horde of lions and mammoths to ascend the newly revealed Mount Krog. Athree and Darach Tylwyth of Glomdoring followed suit, taking time to explore the paved path of blood behind Falmiis and encountered the orcs, who obviously needed help from their mysterious illness and haunted state.

Pushing through, Falmiis discovered the source of the orcs’ torture, in the form of a lucidian colony who claimed this land, Syxsl, as their own long before the orcs arrived. Unbeknownst to the orcs, who named the mountain Krog, the lucidians did not take kindly to the invasive disruption to their idyllic seclusion. As the Marquis sped onwards to assist the lucidians, Veyils Ysav’rai of Glomdoring came to assist her fellow comrades and put a stop to Falmiis’ efforts.

It was quite the gathering of Glomdoring members already, but soon Spirit Warden Xenthos charged atop the mountain to continue efforts to aid the orcs. With Athree’s help, and several unveiled mysteries later, they discovered what truly was ‘haunting’ the orcs and put an end to the terror, for now.

Not one to give in so easy, Marquis Falmiis later returned to his commitment to the lucidians, once their energies were regenerated for the task, and aided them in banishing the orcs from the mountain.

Orc invaders or Lucidian oppressors? Who truly owns and claims Mount Krog, the orcs of Krog or lucidians of Syxsl? Pick a side, decide their fate, and champion their campaign to conquer the mountain for their own.

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