Return of the Pyresmith

It was a normal day in the city of Gaudiguch. The sun was shining, the party was popping, and whiskey flowed freer than the lava falls. The jovility ground to an abrupt halt when a masked visage invited itself into the minds of the entire populace to issue both a warning and an apology of a pain that it must inflict. Though some nervously laughed off the message, convinced that it was a joint hallucination, others were less convinced and quietly prepared themselves for what may lay in store.

For months afterward, citizens of the city of Freedom were plagued with random spikes of extreme emotion; one moment acting perfectly normal while in the next succumbing to the depths of rage and anger or beset by bouts of greed and envy. These occurrences were always mercifully brief but left all who experienced them drained and weary.

It was not until until Archmage Farlaris of the Pyromancers visited the Plane of Fire while acting on the ill feelings of his tutor, Akungi Saim, that the cause of the emotional malaise was discovered. The Seven Sacred Pyres, elemental reflections of mortaldoms basest desires and emotions, had been extinguished! Where once had stood great pillars of flame and pits of vibrantly glowing coals now stood only charred earth and shattered glass. Despite their disappearance, however, the heat exhuded by them was still palpable from a considerable distance.

When all seven of the Pyres had been extinguished, the masked visage once more appeared in the minds of the citizens of Gaudiguch, though this time its warnings seemed to be directed towards another. Before the mask’s words could be fully processed, a white-hot pain engulfed all those present, through which their mind’s eye perceived a great iron door ringed by seven vibrantly coloured flames. Though the door remained open for the merest fraction of a second it was enough for a single figure to make its way through. As the door vanished and seven flames scattered, returning to their natural homes on the Plane of Fire, the lone figure revealed Himself as Yomoigu the Pyresmith, once more returned to the Basin of Life.

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