Welcoming the Welkin

For several months, mortals had observed curious formations of clouds within the sky of the Prime Material Plane. But though they engendered curiosity, few made any attempt to investigate the meteorological occurrences – save for Primus Gero and Castellan Yarith of the Institute, who with the help of the Matrix Research Facility managed to discover that the strange movements in the heavens coincided with fluctuations in the power of Avechna’s Peak.

They returned to monitoring the situation, and over the month of Vestian, the clouds began to twist even more. A group from Glomdoring began to make their own investigations: following Rowena’s encouragement to seek out a druid, Athree and Tylwyth sought the assistance of Dylara Stormcrow, and the three of them spoke then with her cadaverous relative Brennan as well as Damian Nightshade. Meanwhile in Hallifax, Force Commander Maligorn conferred with Malimli Fairquillion on the anomalies, and in Serenwilde there was a debate about shamanism.

But it seemed all was soon to be revealed, for as they made their investigations, the clouds finally succeeded in manifesting into a shape – a single Divine glyph. The bookbinders of the First World who were fortunate to witness it translated it at once as the glyph for greeting, often given upon first meetings or to herald the dawn. It was quickly followed by the booming voice of Avechna, the Avenger, who relayed to the mortals of the Basin of Life that the Transcendental Beacon had lit up once again.

Keen to ensure that Whoever was within the Void could make it through, the mortals set about at once aiding Avechna in protecting the Beacon from the touch of Kethuru. For with his power in ascendance, the Astral Plane was proving too great a barrier for the Elder God or Goddess, even with the Beacon active. Power was gathered in the form of corpses and essence, swift enough to impress even the Avenger Himself.

And with the protection over the Transcendental Beacon it activated at last, propelling before the gathered mortals a small, mist-wreathed form: Czixi, the Welkin. One of the last ten members of the First Circle, who was known for Her work as the leader of the Second Circle. Seemingly agitated and disoriented, the Welkin Goddess hurled a flurry of questions at the mortals about Her kin, primarily concerning the First and Second Circles.

Several of the Elder Gods made visits to Her, directly or indirectly – the touch of the Enchantress was seen, as well as the presence of the Lady Aesthete. But it was the visit of Thax, the Machine, that caused the greatest upheaval. For He launched at once into an attack upon the Welkin Goddess, a brief clash of blades that ended with Her swift evasion of His assault. He departed with a salute, the exchange offering up as many questions as it gave answers about Their relationship.

Following several more questions, Czixi departed not long thereafter, seemingly curious to observe how the First World had changed since Her departure.

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