11.1    Gods             The kinds of Gods.
   11.1.1  Estarra          Creatrix Goddess
   11.1.2  Roark            Elder God
   11.1.3  Auseklis         Elder God
   11.1.4  Isune            Elder Goddess
   11.1.5  Lacostian        Elder God
   11.1.6  Fain             Elder God
   11.1.7  Raezon           Elder God
   11.1.8  Lisaera          Elder Goddess
   11.1.9  Terentia         Elder Goddess
   11.1.10 Hajamin          Elder God
   11.1.11 Viravain         Elder Goddess
   11.1.12 Shikari          Elder God
   11.1.13 Elcyrion         Elder God
   11.1.14 Charune          Elder God
   11.1.15 Lyreth           Elder God
   11.1.16 Morgfyre         Elder God
   11.1.17 Sior             Elder God
   11.1.18 Elostian         Elder God
   11.1.19 Ayridion         Ascended God
   11.1.20 Nocht            Elder God
   11.1.21 Eventru          Elder God
   11.1.22 Maylea           Elder Goddess
   11.1.23 Kalikai          Elder Goddess
   11.1.24 Hoaracle         Elder God
   11.1.25 Mysrai           Elder Divine
   11.1.26 Iosai            Elder Goddess
   11.1.27 Zvoltz           Elder God
   11.1.28 Valtreth         Elder God
   11.1.29 Yomoigu          Elder God
   11.1.30 Crumkane         Elder God
   11.1.31 Jadice           Elder Goddess
   11.1.32 Drocilla         Elder Goddess
   11.1.33 Carakhan         Elder Goddess
   11.1.34 Darvellan        Elder God
   11.1.35 Manteekan        Elder God
   11.1.36 Weiwae           Elder God
   11.1.37 Ashtariel        Elder God
   11.1.42 Thax             Elder God
   11.1.43 Czixi            Elder Goddess
   11.1.44 Ein              Elder God
   11.1.45 Lantra           Elder Goddess
   11.2    Patronage        The purpose of Divine Patronage.
   11.2.1  Divine Orders    What they are, what they do.
   11.2.2  Order Circles    The Circles of an Order.
   11.2.3  Order Wars       The role of Order Wars
   11.2.4  God Realms       The mysterious realms of the Gods.
   11.3    Offerings        Offering things to the Gods at holy shrines.
   11.4    Temples          The Temples of the Gods.
   11.5    Ascendants       True and Vernal Ascension.
   11.6    Domoths          The Realms of the Nine Domoths.  Claiming and Upgrading Domoths  Absolving Domoths
   11.7    Divinefavour     Rewards and punishments from the Gods.
   11.8    Esteem           Using esteem to create offerable items.
   11.9    Divine Relations Relations between Divine Orders.