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In the year 318CoE, Elostian sacrificed Himself to save all of mortality when Kethuru attempted to destroy the Basin of Life by manipulating a temporal anomaly surrounding Hallifax.

Between the burning brightness of day and the cloaking shadow of night lies a short period of temperate twilight, where day and night mingle together into one and contrasts fade into obscurity. So too it is with the Enigma, born from the unification of two Elder gods who were the opposite sides of the same coin: Elcyrion, the Erudite and Lacostian, the Mysterial Lord. It remains a complete mystery how this fusion of two Elders was accomplished; all other attempts have ended in disaster. This unique combination of two ancient star gods from the third and fifth circles has produced an Elder with such experience and insight that He thinks in ways alien to most other Gods. Combined with the mystery of His birth, this has led to Him being referred to as the Enigma.

Elostian teaches that knowledge, with the wisdom and aptitude to apply it appropriately, is the only worthy goal in life. Every experience teaches something, and all experiences should be questioned, investigated and considered in order for the mind to progress. Questions lead to answers and answers lead to more questions; it is not the answer itself that is important, but the road by which one reaches a certain conclusion. Once this road is mastered, there is no limit to what questions may be answered.

Through the unique combination of a Thinker and a Meditator, Elostian has gained new insights and as such promotes others to consider every event from all possible angles - not to narrow one's mind to a single interpretation. Rationality and temperance are also required; extremism clouds the mind, and prevents progression. Those unwilling to observe these rules will find the Lord Elostian swiftly out of patience.

His symbol is a glass seer's candle with a flame of mysterious, deep blue hue.