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Long before the Elder Wars, when the Firsts were putting the other Divine in Zvoltz's Circles, there existed a minority who did not fit neatly in any one particular Circle. Among these was the Lord Darvellan, whose placement was argued largely between the Third and Fifth Circles, with some arguing a different circle entirely. In the end, however, the Navigator was placed amongst the Fifths due to His contributions to the Divine's knowledge of both Aetherspace and the Cosmic Planes, as a result of His explorations there. Even with such a contribution, it was rumoured that the Navigator had only shared a fraction of the maps He had cartographed and the tales, knowledge, and items He brought back.

Almost right before the Elder Wars, shortly after the incident between the Firsts and the Handmaidens of Magnora, Darvellan departed for the Void for His own reasons, returning only recently at the close of the Fourth Era of Estarra's Coming.

The Navigator's interests lie in exploration and navigation, and while He is known for these in relation to Aetherspace and the Cosmic Planes, He advocates the lessons learned as useful in all aspects.

In the year 444 CE, He returned to the Basin from navigating the Void, bringing Weiwae with Him.

His symbols are twinkling stars set into a starlight mist and a six-spoked helm.