These are the standards that the Charites and Their assistants use when determining whether commodity costs for a particular design are appropriate. They are included in the DESIGN COMMS <trade> command for all cartel Trademasters, with the exception of Tattoos (which is outlined below). If your commodities are lower than this, then you will not be able to submit the design.

Remember when setting the commodities on your design that they should not include commas. They should be listed as: commodity <num> commodity <num>, i.e.: wood 100 steel 50.

There are two major rules about the use of commodities in designs, per HELP DESIGNS. This helpfile serves primarily to explain the basic commodity requirement.

Basic Commodity Guidelines
All designs must contain a minimum of 75% 'base commodities' rounded up. This percentage refers to the minimum number of commodities a design requires: i.e. if a design must have a minimum of 4 comms, 3 of these must be basic, even if there are 10 commodities in the design.

The exceptions are as follows:

   * In Tattoos designs, you must use at least one tint per weight. Any additional decorative commodities you include do not count towards this requirement. Only gem commodities, additional tints, or powerstones may be used as decorative commodities.

   * Cooking and Brewmeister basic commodities are considered basic for Cooking and Brewmeistery only. They may not be used in non-food designs.

   * Stationery in Bookbinding may use tints exclusively to meet the requirement.

   * You may be asked by the Charites to include additional commodities if your design is very complex. In this instance They will make the requirements clear.

Basic Comms
amethyst, beryl, bloodstone, cloth, coral, diamond, emerald, garnet, gems, gold, iron, jade, leather, marble, moonstone, onyx, opal, pearl, platinum, rope, ruby, sapphire, silk, silver, steel, turquoise, wood

Basic Cooking/Brewmeister Comms
ambermalt, blacktea, chicken, darkmalt, eggs, fish, fruit, grain, greentea, meat, milk, oolongtea, palemalt, poultry, sugar, vegetables, whitetea