Producer Livestream This Saturday!

During our last livestream, Orael and Aonia asked you what kinds of streams you’d like in the future. Foolishly, Aonia suggested one particular concept for a livestream…and you all loved it.

So this coming Saturday, 16th May, at 7pm GMT, Aonia will be doing a livestream where you get to help her build an NPC!

The actual writing and programming of the NPC will not occur live on stream – rather, what will happen is that there will be a series of polls through the stream that pick the NPC’s characteristics, from race to profession. After the stream, Aonia will squirrel herself and your choices away – and the NPC will then appear in a future event!

So make sure you’re following us on Twitch and have your notifications turned on, plus follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates when we go live on Saturday.