It is the nature of 2020 to make a scant couple of weeks feel like an entire year, but lo – we have not forgotten about the bugfixing livestream video!

As you will discover in the video itself, alas, Orael made a fail and did not in fact press record straight away. Enjoy the video opening with the moment that he revealed this sheepishly to Aonia.

25th July Bugfixing Livestream

For the second time, our wonderful team of Orael, Ianir and Aonia took to Twitch to show everyone just what fixing bugs in Lusternia's code looks like!Sadly, as you'll find at the beginning of this video, Orael committed a small fail and…forgot to hit record. But this is half of his segment, and all of Ianir's!We hope you'll join us for future livestreams. Want to see a particular kind of livestream? Let us know!

Posted by Lusternia, Age of Ascension on Monday, August 10, 2020

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