March Quizzes

The World Library will be hosting two History Challenges this month and we hope to see everyone there (Public #1984). The scope of the quizzes will be clear and finite, and prizes plentiful.

The History Challenges will cover the Histories of Lusternia as available on the website only. We will not venture into Modern History, or Vernal or Elder era nuances revealed through in-game quests and events. What is available on the website is the only material you should be studying for the quizzes. That same content is also available in-game at the World Library as historical texts.

Quiz 1

Date: March 24rd, 5pm GMT
Books: Cosmogenesis, Elder Wars

Quiz 2

Date: March 30th, 11pm GMT
Books: Vernal Wars, Aftermath, Holy Celestine Empire, Coming of Estarra

There will be 20 questions per quiz (and tie-breakers if necessary) and an assortment of prizes. The prizes are not cumulative and you will receive the tier you qualify for. There is no second or third place.

5 points

  • 50 credits
  • 50 lessons

10 points

  • 75 credits
  • 75 lessons
  • uniquely skinned artifact pipe

15 points

  • 100 credits
  • 100 lessons
  • a doll*
  • uniquely skinned artifact pipe


  • 200 credits
  • 200 lessons
  • a doll*
  • uniquely skinned artifact pipe
  • choice of: uniquely skinned Sempiternal Libram or Shears of Atropos
  • if the same person wins both quizzes, they will receive the other prize

There are two dolls that you can win – a Merrymaker Merri doll and a new D’varsha the First doll. You can only ever win a given doll once, and you need to win Merri first in order to be eligible for D’varsha. Meaning, if you won Merri in the past, you will get D’varsha this time if you qualify. But if by quiz 2 you already have Merri and D’varsha, you will get no extra doll, and get extra 50 credits instead.