Challenge of Beauty

The theme “Wake” brought to mind all manner of imagery for the designers of the Basin, who brought their creativity and ingenuity to the Trial of Beauty. Some focused upon the events of Li-varili and the awakened Sea Spirit, while others focused on the events of years gone by, while still others took the theme in other directions entirely. The difficulty the judges panel faced in determining the victor was no small feat, and selecting the list below involved sifting through dozens of outstanding designs. The competition, like the storms that had all too recently gripped Lusternia, was fierce indeed.

In the end, it was the design of Falaine Coldwater of New Celest that emerged victorious – a sea glass lantern of a reawakened warrior heart. This beautiful lantern displayed the events of the Curse of the Sunken Heart as witnessed by an old warrior, valiantly defending the innocent through the storms and floods.

Second place was awarded to Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh of Glomdoring, for an ashwood chest of apocalyptic awakening.
Third place was awarded to Niralahi Coldwater of New Celest, for a sculpted glass easel of awakening love.
Fourth place was awarded to Xiran Stormcrow of Serenwilde, for a black hammock crocheted with dreamcatching mandalas.
Fifth place was awarded to Lilalue Ka’liati of New Celest, for a cascading collar revealing a receding tidal wake.

Though these five designs rose to conquer all others, the following designs merit honourable mention for their craftsmanship and interpretation of the Avenger’s theme, in alphabetical order:

  • Eritheyl Ryseni of Gaudiguch (a coruscating ring of the Eye awakened)
  • Fillirriqili Skydrifter of Hallifax (a piercing needle of dreams)
  • Jolanthe Myeras of Serenwilde (dazzling drapes revealing the awakening of Spirit Sun)
  • Kailanna n’Kylbar of Magnagora (a crystalline rapier of piercing clarity)
  • Majestadt of Magnagora (a stygian gorget-style collar awash in red tide filigree)
  • Nepenthe Dahyu of Gaudiguch (a funeral veil of wilting bromeliads and winding roots)
  • Zalan Shevat of Hallifax (a Hallifaxian long coat of mourning)