Challenge of Harmony

Juliary saw the adventurers of Lusternia fan out over the Prime Material Plane, called to the Challenge of Harmony to influence the hearts and minds of the denizens across the land.

Lysandus of Magnagora was the first to convince many to support his cause, but quickly, Ilthilior from his same city overtook him, maintaining the chief position with his silver tongue for the duration of the challenge. Sutekh, now of Gaudiguch, started slow, but he eventually rallied enough denizens to his side to surpass Lysandus and threaten Ilthilior’s lead. Nialla of Serenwilde and Afrit of Gaudiguch followed after the first three, working steadily throughout the land to call their own followings.

In the end, however, one champion’s words proved most compelling, and he prevailed as the Sealbearer of Harmony: Ilthilior of Magnagora!

Second Place (700 credits): Sutekh of Gaudiguch
Third Place (500 credits): Lysandus of Magnagora
Fourth Place (250 credits): Nialla of Serenwilde
Fifth Place (100 credits): Afrit of Gaudiguch