Year 600 Celebration

It’s year 600! A nice round number like that does not happen often so we’d like to do a little celebration. The world is not ending and does not need your help this time around though. To the contrary, nobody needs you to gather, influence, or slay 10 of anything to stave off doom. We have a much more mundane celebration in mind. As you can see from the Public Newsboard, the World Library is hosting a Lecture Series. 12 lectures total, one for each IG month. All you have to do is show up, alone or with others, and listen to the lecture. That’s it!

Because we’re launching the event mid-Estar, if you miss the Estar lecture, worry not as that one will be repeated in Estar of 601 and you can catch it then. To complete the accompanying quest you need to attend 8 out of 12 lectures but you will only be able to complete the quest properly after the lecture series is over and you will have to do so manually with Miska. The latter is so that you can save the completion of the quest for a day of your choosing because the quest is rated 10 (that is, it rewards 20 daily credits). In addition, it will reward a bound copy of the lectures and an honour. To check progress read the board at the forum.