Auctions Week 4 – Additions

We will be adding a few extra items to the last week of auctions. We know it’s a bit late to announce it, given you have made decisions about what to bet on ahead of time, but we’d rather not sit on some of those cool last-minute ideas things till the next auction season.

One of the biggest new things, that we’ve never auctioned before, is sketches. Some of them are super rare or even unique at this point, some less so. One thing we want you to keep in mind is that these are not one of a kind and if you miss them this time, you might get a chance at them some other time. By that same token, getting them this time doesn’t mean you will have the only one in the game ever.

Without further ado, the things being added to week 4:

Custom Ikon
Gleaming Wax Cube
Pound of Raw Flesh


Ashtariel, the Thousand-Hued
Ayridion, the White Flame
Elcyrion, the Erudite
Elostian, the Enigma
Eventru, Crown of the Exalted
Hajamin, the Golden Lord
Lacostian, the Mysterial Lord
Lyreth, the Sidereal Prince
Carakhan, Pearl of the Ocean
Dame Maeve, Apostle of Ingenious Tortures
Maeve, the Solar Queen
Shellma Natharian
Ghani n’Rotri