Week 3 Auctions

Week 3 Auctions will be opened up shortly, but we added a big change moving forward.

All bids and bid increases will require you to CONFIRM the bid before accepting it. The intention here is to give you a method that double checks that you are bidding on the correct auction and by the amount you want to bid. We encourage you to use the bid command without the confirmation first to make sure your bid is exactly what you want it to be, and on the correct auction.

With this command added, we will no longer close auctions or adjust maximum bids if you incorrectly bid on the wrong auction or with the wrong amount. We’ve given you a tool to ensure this doesn’t happen, but it’s up to you to use it correctly.

That said, the Promise Rings from last week are on auction again this week for credits.

Additionally, we’ve added a lot of general influencing, enhancement and resistance runes this week, with the intention that those Runes will be something that those of you with lots of gold and credits already have and those that are not as well off do not. We would appreciate it if people did not bid on these runes with the intention of simply trading them in for cheap credits. Thank you for your cooperation here, we are trying to allow more people to have a chance of participating in these auctions this month.