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Archive for October 2018

Ghosts and Other Hauntings

Atropos would be most grateful if you put these ghosts into the Portal of Fate while she repairs the Shears of Fate. As a reward, if you rescue 20 ghosts, Atropos will give you a yummy little treat! (NOTE: Ghosts will dissipate after this event, so please don’t try to hoard them in your manses…

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October 2018 Newsletter

Fourteen Year Anniversary Lusternia Turns Fourteen Years Old Back in October 2004, Lusternia opened its doors wide to an uncertain future. Now, fourteen years later, the Basin of Life still hasn’t been devoured by the Soulless Gods and mortals have founded a dark commune, released two cities stuck in time, discovered and explored aetherspace, overcome…

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Fourteen Year Anniversary Events

Lusternia turns fourteen years old in 2018! Check out some of the events below and keep an eye out for the Czigany Wayfaire which usually shows up when there is festivity in the air! Hamster Hunt Winners: First Place: Yendor Second Place: Vyell  Third Place: Amildur  Catch hamsters as they run around throughout the land!…

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The Garosaur Dilemma

The strange garosaur pups that spun cocoons were gathered in turn by the various linorii researchers, intent on studying this new lifeform. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite realize how large and vicious they became when they hatched from their cocoons. Indeed, thousands of these rabid garosaurs broke out of their respective laboratories and spread throughout the…

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