Fourteen Year Anniversary Events

Lusternia turns fourteen years old in 2018! Check out some of the events below and keep an eye out for the Czigany Wayfaire which usually shows up when there is festivity in the air!

  • Hamster Hunt

    • Winners:
      • First Place: Yendor
      • Second Place: Vyell 
      • Third Place: Amildur 

    Catch hamsters as they run around throughout the land! The rarer the hamster, the more points you get!

  • Quiz

    • Winners:
      • First Place: Khaam 
      • Second Place: Anita
      • Third Place (tie): Ayisdra and Atiya 

    Test your knowledge of all things Lusternian!

  • Treasure Hunt

    • Winners:
      • First Place: Ayisdra 
      • Second Place: Xenthos 
      • Third Place: Yendor 

    Figure out the clues to find special locations spread throughout the realm. The first to find the final location wins the hunt!

  • Harmony Worldgame

    • Winners:
      • First Place: Steingrim
      • Second Place: Xenthos
      • Third Place: Ixion

    Those who influence the most denizens of the land wins this peaceful tourney. The harder the denizen to influence, the more points awarded.

  • Death Worldgame

    • Winners:
      • First Place: Yendor
      • Second Place: Xenthos
      • Third Place: Steingrim

    A simple tourney–kill anything that moves! The harder the kill, the more points awarded.

  • Wargames

    • Winners:
      • First Place: Yendor, Deichtine, Tarken
      • Second Place: Malarious, Rolsand, Sondayga
      • Third Place: Veldrin, Shehrose, Tiandor

    Are you a master of in the field of battle? If so, get two other comrades together to join in the wargames!

  • Battlechess

    • Winner: Glomdoring

    Each city and commune may compete in this game that dates back to the time of the Elder Gods! The winning organization will receive a special trophy!

  • Great Hunt

    • Date: October 27-28, 2018

    For 48 hours, compete with other players in your level range for credit rewards!

  • Halloween Vengeance Tournament

    • Surviving Winners: The Conjurers of Spirit (played by Portius, Talkan and Kethaera)
    • Other Survivors: Iosen playing the Stalker of the Woods, Haghan playing a member of the Tribe and Anita playing Crazen’s Chosen

    Join in a game of Vengeance in a special Halloween tournament!