Ghosts and Other Hauntings

Atropos would be most grateful if you put these ghosts into the Portal of Fate while she repairs the Shears of Fate. As a reward, if you rescue 20 ghosts, Atropos will give you a yummy little treat! (NOTE: Ghosts will dissipate after this event, so please don’t try to hoard them in your manses or storerooms.)

The Haunted House is also open with lots of attractions provided by the business savvy of Trader Bob his son, Bob Jr. A wide selection of costumes can be
purchased within in addition to a slew of activities available to enjoy: pumpkin carving, a unique vengeance game, a maze, bobbing for apples, fortune readings, haunted furniture, spooky refreshments, and a spooky play retelling the story of the Vernal Goddesses known as the Hearth Sisters and the cities they rose from in the times of Vernal Wars. Show starts every midnight!

If you happen upon an odd doorway hanging in the middle of the air, be wary! Knock upon it only if you dare! The Oracle of the Earthburner herself has cursed the Haunted House and the Basin at large.