The Garosaur Dilemma

The strange garosaur pups that spun cocoons were gathered in turn by the various linorii researchers, intent on studying this new lifeform. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite realize how large and vicious they became when they hatched from their cocoons. Indeed, thousands of these rabid garosaurs broke out of their respective laboratories and spread throughout the Basin of Life.

But perhaps their research wasn’t all for naught, as they realized the strange weather patterns plaguing the Basin of Life was caused by the alien ecosystem. Could these garosaurs actually provide some relief from this situation simply by dying?

In the month of October, there will be a daily quest to kill 5 garosaurs. Doing the daily quest for 16 days out of the month will gift you with a pack of 5 firework curios! You may use QUESTEVENT to track your progress towards the prize.