Within the world of Lusternia, deep wounds may be quite unlike anything you'll find in other worlds. With a judicious slice, a warrior can inflict painful blows that can result in deep wounds. Deep wounds are damage so deep within your body that they cannot be cured by normal means. The greater your deep wounds, the more damage a skilled knight can do to you with their attacks. Deep wounds are cured by applying restorative ice to the wounded bodypart. The Wounds ability in Discernment allows you to view the current wound state of your limbs.

In addition to increasing the effectiveness of attacks, wounds will also slow the use of restorative ice when it is used to cure some physical afflictions. The cure delay on all head, chest, and gut afflictions will scale up based on how wounded the body part is. For arms and legs, damaged limbs will always cure instantly, and mutilated limbs will always have the maximal delay.