From time to time, the administration of Lusternia will take mortal reviewers to help approve and reject designs submitted through the various cartels in an effort to keep yearly submissions moving through the process in as efficient a manner as possible. Mortal reviewers have a great deal of responsibility and are expected to be familiar with the design process, fully aware of the rules and conveniences that are imposed therein, and have a keen, discerning eye for errors. Owing to the level of commitment involved in being a mortal reviewer, they are compensated with credits for their work.

At present, you are free to submit a mortal reviewer application at any time, and we will take applicants per our need.

In order to get the process started, you need to post the following information on the Plots newsboard, which is only readable by the administration, with the subject line of "Mortal Reviewer Application":
   Character Name(s): 
   Cartel(s): (1)
   Designs: (2)
   Suitability: (3)

(1) - The alias for any Cartel(s) of which you are currently trademaster.
(2) - At least two approved designs you have personally written.
(3) - A short paragraph explaining your suitability for the role.

Alternatively if you are not able to post to the Plots newsboard, you can email charites@lusternia.com with your application.

Note that while you do not have to be a Trademaster in order to apply for mortal reviewer, you must have successfully designed at least two items through the system in order to prove passing familiarity with how crafting works and the guidelines we expect to see upheld. We are looking for error-free designs that adhere to the accepted submission guidelines; proper spelling, grammar, and phrasing are essential in a good design.

FOR PREVIOUS REVIEWERS: If you were removed from the position due to inactivity and have now returned, please do not follow the above instructions. Instead message the Charites directly, who will tell you what (if anything) you need to do to apply.