Originally released as a Solstice promotion, the Peppermint and Coal artifacts are created by binding pieces together.

- To create your artifacts, use PEPPERMINT SHAPE or COAL SHAPE.

- You can use a total of up to five peppermint or coal to add additional
powers to your artifact (listed below). PEPPERMINT FUSE or COAL FUSE to
add these powers. Each level has its own unique descriptions.

- Most powers are usable once per in-game month, though some will allow use
of passive or repeatable abilities.

- Peppermint and Coal pieces can be found in Gold and Platinum Stockings available in December, and in Ultimate Presents.

- Coal and peppermint pieces can be traded using the following syntax:
   <COAL|PEPPERMINT> TRADE TO <person> FOR <credits>

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