Originally released as a Solstice promotion, the Peppermint and Coal artifacts are created by binding pieces together.

- To create your artifacts, use PEPPERMINT SHAPE or COAL SHAPE.

- You can use a total of up to five peppermint or coal to add additional
powers to your artifact (listed below). PEPPERMINT FUSE or COAL FUSE to
add these powers. Each level has its own unique descriptions.

- Most powers are usable once per in-game month, though some will allow use
of passive or repeatable abilities.

- Coal and peppermint pieces can be traded using the following syntax:
   <COAL|PEPPERMINT> TRADE TO <person> FOR <credits>

SOLSTICE 2019 - Peppermint Mittens and Coal Scarves

Peppermint Mittens:
1) PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE HOLDHANDS - Hold hands with another person, offering them the calming warmth of your mittens and randomly curing a few afflictions upon their person and healing them slightly. Cost: 4p.
2) PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE TOBOGGAN - Summon an icy sled to send you off in a direction of your choice, barreling through anybody in your way as you ride uncontrolled toward the nearest dead end. Cost: 2p.
3) PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE POMPOM - Pull a pompom from your mittens and throw it into the fray, dealing mild divinus damage and applying blackout and blindness to everybody in the room. Cost: 6p.
4) PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE JAZZHANDS - Wave your hands around in an excited and jovial fashion, afflicting enemies in the room with confusion and stupidity. Cost: 5p.
5) PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE RETRIEVE - Tie together the strings of your mittens and send them off on a journey, retrieving a mutual ally (lust doesn't count) from an adjacent room ignoring rooting. Cost: 5p.

Coal Scarf:
1) COAL ACTIVATE CORDELISSE - Use your scarf as a platform for aerial acrobatics, allowing you to avoid all physical attacks for a short time. This will do nothing against magically sourced attacks. Any  actions you perform during this will interupt your cordelisse. Cost: 3p.
2) COAL ACTIVATE SENTRY - The scarf around your neck will act as a sentry, watching for danger as you wander throughout the Basin. Should you be attacked unaware, you will be sent flying out to an adjacent 
room should there be one. Has a cooldown before use after it fires. Cost: 5p.
3) COAL ACTIVATE ENGAGE - Wrap your scarf around an opponent, opening them up to a strike should they try to leave. May not engage an already (coal) engaged target. Stacks with warrior engage.
4) COAL ACTIVATE TRIPWIRE - Unravel your scarf and use its thread to line an exit with a trap, awaiting a specified target and entangling and proning them when they attempt to leave in that direction. Cost: 5p.
5) COAL ACTIVATE GARROTE - Wrap your scarf around another's neck, dealing a moderate dose of excorable and asphyxiation damage as well as damagedthroat and entangled. Cost: 4p.

SOLSTICE 2018 - Peppermint Makeup and Coal Disguise Kits

Syntax to Prepare:    [PEPPERMINT|COAL] PREPARE <herb> [HEALTH|MANA|EGO]
Power to Prepare:     3p (Any)

Makeup kits allow you to beautify yourself with various powders created from herbs. You can create up to 5 powders to use, each giving you renewed appearance and protection! In addition, when you are afflicted with a certain affliction (dependent on the powder you create) you will be healed for maximum 5% health, mana or ego, depending on your choice! If you are afflicted 10 times before the makeup cracks and peels off, you'll be healed for 20%!

Disguise kits allow you to create various disguises, up to 5 disgusing features using herbs to create moulds and features that will surprise even the most observant bystander. Additionally, when you are afflicted by certain afflictions, you'll drain the caster by 5% of maximum health, mana or ego, depending on how you make the disguise! If they hit you 10 times before the disguise melts off, they'll be hit for 20% instead of 5%.

Below are the herbs you can use and the afflictions associated with them!

     Herb     Affliction      Makeup Look      Disguise Look

   Arnica     DamagedSkull    Lipstick         Fake Nose
   Weed       Hallucinations  Blush            Mustache
   Yarrow     Haemophilia     Highlights       Beard
   Galingale  Addiction       Contour          Googly Eyes
   Reishi     Pacifism        Hairspray        Cheek Scar
   Marjoram   DamagedLimbs    Eyeshadow        Double Chin
   Kombu      Clumsiness      Eyeliner         Chin Scar
   Wormwood   Sickening       Brows            Warts
   Pennyroyal Stupidity       Mascara          Gold Tooth
   Calamus    Slickness       Powder           Big Ears
   Faeleaf    Blind           Foundation       High Forehead
   Coltsfoot  Anorexia        Concealer        Bushy Eyebrows

Each powder/Disguise will take 50 of the herb and 50 of either goldtint(health), bluetint(mana) or greentint(ego). Once activated, it will last 10 minutes and you cannot have both a disguise and makeup on simultaneously.

*Note - this does not prevent the affliction, it only activates when hit with the affliction.

SOLSTICE 2017 - Peppermint Hats and Coal Boots
Candy Powers:
- Level 1 (a peppermint cap):
   Offers a positive prestige bonus for all non-village influencing types except charity.
- Level 2 (a peppermint hat):
   Improves your weather resistance.
- Level 3 (a candy encrusted bowler):
   Adds dodging against denizens (stacks with Rune of Absorption, Bodyguard, etc.)
- Level 4 (a sweet fedora):
   TIP your hat as you depart to be randomly teleported within the same area. Slight cooldown.
- Level 5 (a candy striped top hat):
   TAKE A BOW to offer all of your allies (and not yourself) a short-duration prismatic shield. 5p, 1/weave.
Coal Powers:
- Level 1 (a pair of dirty sandals):
   Offers a negative prestige malus for all charity influencing. This is, in fact, a good thing despite how terrible it sounds.
- Level 2 (a pair of crusty clogs):
   Increases movement speed.
- Level 3 (a pair of sooty slippers):
   Increases damage against denizens.
- Level 4 (a pair of black high heels):
   KICK will attempt to send somebody flying out of the room in a random direction, sprawling and stunning them.
- Level 5 (a pair of darkened iron boots):
   STOMP GROUND to shake the very earth beneath you, raising short-duration stonewalls in every exit. 5p, 1/weave

SOLSTICE 2016 - Peppermint Dolls and Coal Toys
Peppermint Powers:
- Level 1 (a lithe candy girl doll):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE CANDYLAND  - Allows you to give a room the appearance
                                     of being in Crumkindivia once per month, 
                                     similar to Pyromancy Mirage.

- Level 2 (a peppermint, acrobatic tumbler doll):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE SOBER      - Sobers yourself up considerably once a 
                                     month (reduces drunkenness by 75%).

- Level 3 (a graceful, candy danseur doll):
    BEAST ORDER BREATHE PEPPERMINT - Allows your beast to do a peppermint
                                     attack, which is asphyx/electric type
                                     and 33% more powerful than a normal breath.
                                     You must train your beast to use this.

- Level 4 (a slender candy ballerina doll):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE POWDER     - Teleports you to Crumkindivia if you die to 
                                     a denizen, preventing death once per month.

- Level 5 (an exquisite, peppermint prima ballerina doll):
    PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE NUMB       - Allows you to chill your senses, granting 
                                     use of Athletics Numbness once per month.

Coal Powers:
- Level 1 (a little, coal boy toy):
    COAL ACTIVATE DARKNESS         - Allows you to give a room the appearance of 
                                     being in a cloud of soot once per month, 
                                     similar to Pyromancy Mirage.

- Level 2 (a harried-looking, toy cadet of coal):
    COAL ACTIVATE AMNESIASOOT      - Blow soot in the face of an influenced 
                                     villager, negating their last contribution 
                                     to the feelings of the village towards the 
                                     organisation which influenced them, once 
                                     per month.

- Level 3 (a militant toy soldier of coal):
    BEAST ORDER BREATHE SOOT       - Allows your beast to do a cloud of darkness 
                                     attack, which is asphyx/poison type and 33%
                                     more powerful than a normal breath.
                                     You must train your beast to use this.

- Level 4 (a determined looking toy officer of coal):
    COAL ACTIVATE SMOKE            - Teleports you to Cankermore if you die to a 
                                     denizen, preventing death once per month.

- Level 5 (a toy musketeer of coal):
    COAL ACTIVATE BOMB             - Drop a coal bomb in a room that has a 
                                     chance to blow each person into an adjacent 
                                     room (physical movement, goes through 
                                     bonds, bypasses blocking/walls), once per

SOLSTICE 2015 - Peppermint Candies and Coal Tools
Peppermint Powers:
- Level 1 (a fragrant stick of peppermint candy):
   PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE EGOBUFF - grants 2/6 ego buff for 1 hour.
- Level 2 (a tasty rod coated in chunks of peppermint candy):
   PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE MANABUFF - grants 2/6 mana buff for 1 hour.
- Level 3 (a delicious cane of peppermint candy):
   PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE HEALTHBUFF - grants 2/6 health buff for 1 hour.
- Level 4 (an appetising staff of peppermint candy):
   PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE RESISTBUFF - grants 2/6 universal resistance buff
   for 1 hour.
- Level 5 (a delectable pole of peppermint candy):
   PEPPERMINT ACTIVATE TRUEHEAL <target> - Performs the equivalent of
   Sacraments on a target other than the user for 5 power.

Coal Powers:
- Level 1 (a sturdy coal trowel):
   DIG - Halves balance time on all digging, allows digging without a
- Level 2 (a robust coal spade):
   LAY PIT <dir> - Lays a pit trap in the specified direction. Trackers
   with the ability to lay pit traps normally will instead be able to lay
   all pit traps without commodities. Traps created using this effect will
   not return commodities when disarmed.
- Level 3 (a clockwork coal drill):
   COAL ACTIVATE EARTHQUAKE - Stun and knockdown on all enemies in room,
   usable at ground elevation only.
- Level 4 (a versatile coal mattock):
   COAL ACTIVATE DAMAGEBUFF - grants 2/6 universal damage buff for 1 hour.
- Level 5 (a miniature coal bin):
   COAL ACTIVATE VEIL - Performs the equivalent of STEALTH VEIL for 5